Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Progress, Progress, And Some Sons...

Good Wednesday morning, dear friend!

I wanted to share my progress on "July Cottage"...

I loooove the colors..and I adore the flag and the fireworks...too fun!

I am following Nikki's charted colors, except that I am using "Baby Spinach" instead of the charted "Chopped Chives," simply because I had it left from June's cottage and I do get tired of the need to buy colors that are "different but the same," while I still have half of a skein left, from month to month...this is a recession after all!

I can't wait to see which fabric looks best for my July pillow.


We have been enjoying a lot of outdoor time, these days, and my yard is looking nice...if I do say so myself, with the addition of a lot of cleanup, weeding and some mulching...

summer cleanup

summer cleanup

summer cleanup

summer cleanup

We are so blessed to have such lush surroundings...

summer cleanup

And, even my roses are blooming nicely...

summer cleanup


Pa and I have always enjoyed our evening time together, and as our choices in entertainment lean the same way, we enjoy the same shows on the tube. We tend to watch most shows in a "day late and a dollar short" manner, meaning that we discover the first season of a show around the time that it is in it's 3rd or 4th season live, and we have always been that way. Sadly, however we have found ourselves in the situation where we discover a show and find that we are drawn in just about the time it is cancelled.

So, why am I sharing this with you, dear friend? Well, Pa and I have just started watching the first season of a show that I had never really given much thought to, as I always considered it a "guy show," since it is about guys and motorcycles...but as Pa has sat through many hours of "Downton Abbey," and even enjoyed it, I wanted to give this show a try...and as I began to watch it, while stitching, I found myself drawn in and now I am hopelessly anticipating our next episode. The show that I am referring to is "Sons of Anarchy," and I am wondering if any other gals out there have watched it? I find that it is both interesting and disgusting at the same time, kind of like "The Sopranos" but in a road kill kind of way, and I have to ask...does a woman of sensibility watch this kind of thing?

Anyhoo, there ya have the goings on, here at The Corner, in a nutshell. It is a gorgeous sunny morning, though we are told by one weather-caster, Johnny Mountain (is that his real name? c'mon), that the heat is on and we are due for some 90+ degree days ahead...Heaven help us.

Hoping that wherever you find yourself today, dear friend, that it is with a twinkle in your eye, sun in the sky, and a threaded needle in your hand for a stitch or two!



Devon said...

good morning,
i am going to have to get july house pattern,,that is so cute,,and your garden is looking beautiful..hope you have an awesome day..

BrendaS said...

Your July cottage is really coming along -- LOVE IT!

Nice pics of your yard. Very beautiful:)

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The July cottage looks great and using the same green will give is some added cohesiveness, I think!

Your yard is beautiful. My DH and I love sitting in the yard in the evening, as well.

Mindi said...

July cottage is looking adorable, and I don't blame you for using the "same" green floss from the previous month. Not only is it thrifty, but it will also provide just a bit of continuity between all the months.

dixiesamplar said...

Oh man, I was being very successful in my attempt to avoid adding these cottage designs to my basket...but, you post this and my resolve flies right out the window! Guess I'll be calling the Stitch Store to place my order :o)

Joy said...

We don't really watch current TV, except Phineas and Ferb. All I seem to be watching is kids stuff off our hard drive.

Your yard is so green. I haven't seen anything that green in a long time. The grass here is just starting to recover from that drought last year and since we rent our house, there's no point in landscaping. Hopefully, we'll have our own house in a few years to landscape and put flowers in and stuff.

Mouse said...

ohhhh well done on your stitching progress and I agree with the thread issue too ... but I am having fun having all these extra colours
your garden is fabulous ... would love to be able to have a pootle round it for real :)
and as for SOA ohhhhh dear ... my DD 23 has got quite a few of the series and she always tells me when its on so I don't go into the lounge sensitive ears and all that ;)
love mouse xxxx

Kate said...

Love the cottage! Totally agree with you on the thread colour thing - I find myself making more substitutes from my stash if only small amounts are needed.
I'm glad somebody is getting some outside time, in the UK we've been experiencing the wettest June.

Denise said...

Love the colors in your July Cottage. And your yard work looks fabulous!
I have watched both series, Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy. I stitched throught the parts that I did not want to watch of Sons of Anarchy. I am anticipating the next episode of both of these shows also.
Happy Stitching

Catherine said...

Your cottage looks great! And your gardens, beautiful!
Haven't seen that show yet, ii'll have to check it out.