Monday, June 18, 2012

Pillow Talk...

Hey there, dear friend, I have a little pillow talk for ya...but you'll need to come closer, closer, even closer now...

I have had a lot of interest from dear readers about my CCN "Cottage of the Month" finishes, and how I go about finishing them into Tuck Pillows, and as it is really quite a simple process I wanted to share it with you, in a step by step tutorial.

So, with that in mind I have dug deep within the confines of my crafting closet, and pulled out one of my favorite finished stitches, and some fun fabric that looks totally adorable beside it...

LHN "Red, White and Bloom"

I will work on the tutorial today, so please check back tomorrow or Wednesday for the finished product, which I will place in a regular post for a few days, and then I will file it up above within it's own "Tab page," for all to use and share as you please.

I also wanted to share with you, dear friend, the first Daffodil of my garden...

Isn't she just the sweetest darn thing?

Thanks for stopping by, kittens, and I send you off with hopes that wherever you may find yourself today that it is with a new bloom in your garden, and the anticipation that will come with learning a new crafty trick.



  1. Yup, the sweetest darn thing for sure!

  2. Look forward to seeing your tutorial. Your Daffodil is gorgeous.

  3. Shhhh...come closer.. yes I'm looking forward to learn all about your Tuck Pillow. How nice, your 1st Daffodil made an appearance:) Love your Red, White and Bloom.

  4. Love your Red,White, & Bloom ...
    Thanks for the tutorial ;)


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