Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again...

Well, dear friend, it seems that Ma may have made a bit of a small boo-boo when I answered a few questions in regard to my Cottage of the Month pillow finishes...and as they say, "I have some good news, and some rather not so good news for you."

First, the not so good news...As I mentioned above I may have made a slight boo-boo and misunderstood just what was meant by a "Tuck Pillow." It seems that, I mistook the tucked under strips on the front of my pillows as the reason for the name "Tuck," but thanks to a dear friend who mentioned that her recollection of a "Tuck Pillow" was in fact that the front is an open pocket, or frame that allows you to tuck and re-tuck different cross stitch finishes into the same pillow, as the season changes...Oops! I am so very sorry for the mistake, dear friend...tomorrow's tutorial will not be the changeable tuck pillow, but rather a permanent style pillow...


For the good news...Which is that I am still posting a tutorial on how to make Ma's pillow finish, and the even better news is that they are so "doggone" cute that you will want to make one for each and every finish, and that it would be so sad to only have one of them in your home!


So, there you have it, kittens, the good, the bad and the oops...but in the end it all works out...n'est pas?

So...anyway...Look for Ma's tutorial tomorrow...Until then...



  1. Looking forward to the tutorial ;)

  2. Well now see you taught me something! I would not have known a tuck pillow from a duck pillow! LOL! Huggles.

  3. Oh tucks, ducks, or trucks..lol. I am looking forward to your Tutorial. I just want to have fun! Thanks for the info though. Until tomorrow:)


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