Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking A Stand...

 I finally took a stand.......a stand against shoulder pain!

OKay, let's back up a minute and start at the beginning...

I have been complaining of a sore left shoulder for more years than I care to mention, and it has been getting increasingly worse. Each trip to the chiropractor confirms that my left shoulder is both out of alignment and in a good deal of muscle spasm. Being that our beloved Dr. Ingliss is married to a good friend of mine and fellow stitcher, he kindly and repeatedly informs me that it is most definitely from holding my stitchy WIP, while I work.

With this in mind, I have given a good year's worth of thought to a floor stand, which would serve to alleviate the need to hold a WIP, as well as allow me the freedom to use both hands to stitch, a win win, right?

Well, this past week, after much thought and research I bought myself a treat...yes, dear friend, I am now the proud owner of a floor stand, and I looooove it!

Why didn't I do this sooner!

The stand that I purchased is from Michael's and is a Frank A. Edmunds & Co. brand, with a price tag of $40, right in my budget! The entire body is adjustable and it is a dream to stitch on.

I have to admit that my shoulder is not aching, and my needle is smoking with the increased speed of my stitches, now that I have both hands free.

Look at the progress on "A Sticher's Prayer"

Happy Stitching!



Gabi said...

Good on you to get yourself a stand. I have one since years and without it I get a painful shoulder, except if I work on smaller pieces, that's ok w/o stand.
I do like your stand. It's adjustable to your sitting position which I like and with that price, it's unbeatable.
Your prayer looks fantastic too.

Parsley said...

What a great tool! If I had a 'stitchy chair' that would be a must! Hope your shoulder is feeling AOK in no time!

letthismindbeinyou said...

Yay! I remember when you were thinking of this last year, what a blessing to finally be able to get it. I'm glad you are able to continue with your beloved pastime without pain. Have tons of fun! :D

Lynn said...

I've been starting to experience neck pain from being hunched over my stitching all the time. I wonder if this would help me as well? I'll have to look into it. It's very reasonably priced too.

Hope you got my email about not needing the Monaco. The floss just doesn't work with it.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Now that's just what I call what the doctor ordered! Good for you for getting a new stand to work on and look at the beautiful work you do! Love those little stitches :)

Mouse said...

whey hey well done and just what the dr ordered too :0 fantastic progress on the stitcher's prayer too :0 and sooo glad it helps :) happy stitching love mouse xxxx

Sarah Beth said...

I am thinking that I will have to get myself one too as I also deal with some pain. I have a scroll and I tied yarn to it to wear it around my neck so I can use both hands. They help so much. I have also considered a lap scroll so I can continue to sit on the sofa with my legs up. Using a floor stand I would have to sit upright more. I think both would be great. Keep us updated on how the floor stand is going.Congrats on your new purchase.

Jennifer said...

This is definitely a difference for shoulders. I found that out about 4 years ago. I had one like this one and used it alot until I got a bigger one that I could flip around easier ( but costs a lot ;(

Anyway, you will notice a big relief in your shoulder symptoms. I had alot of the same issues and even went through physical therapy several 6 week sessions. Recently held mine in hand and woke up with it flared so yes, mam, that is the best investment you'll ever make.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Way to go, now you can be always in stitches with both hands. woooo hoooo who knew?
Your prayer is progressing nicely and hopefully your shoulder will get back into alignment sooner than later. Funny how taking a stand on things can make life easy eh?
as always

Catherine said...

I may just have to look into one of those! Glad it is helping your shoulder and your needle!!