Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Bit Of A Snit

Good morning, dear friend.

 I am in a bit of a snit this morning, and I am going to share the "why" with you, and you alone.

Begin whine...

I have decided that this tender little heart of mine is just not cut out for exchanges. I love the gals who host them, and give them huge "kuddos" for doing so, however that being said, I just cannot deal with the time, effort, love, and let's be honest the expense that goes into it, from choosing the perfect pattern and materials to making sure that everything about it is perfect, from the stitching to the wrapping, and to have it vanish, once again, into the nothingness of the International Postal Service drives me nuts.

In honesty, I have neither the time nor the money to further endeavor my heart or my wind with such frivolousness, and so, I am done with all exchanges. I have learned my lesson and now know why so many of my stitchy sisters do not engage in them.

Now, on that note I would love to share with you, dear friend, my latest little Blackbird Exchange Round 7 gift that is floating somewhere among the mist of one small UK village....

Blackbird Designs "Breath of Spring"
So, there you have it, dear friend, I adore the finish, note the pretty little buttons and marking pins, and I even added the new "Lady Dot" LE Needlebook, which is finished in Blackbird Designs fabric.
Fun right? I thought so too!

Let me say in closing, that I have learned so much from my exchange experience, especially how to finish a project, and have met so many wonderful gals all over the world just through exchanging, but as a rules girl, I am almost "type A" about the exchange world rules and have, on more than one occasion, stitched another project for the one that was lost even before the rules state. It is just so sad when a gift travels to the land of nothingness. As I said, I just cannot deal with it.

So, from this day forward, I am adopting "Pa's rules of engagement" in anything online that has rules, and that is "Don't get involved in anything online that has rules." After all, most of us know from experience how these things usually turn out when the end product of our time and effort travels outside of our control.

And, there you have it dear friend, the reason for my snit. I am usually a very private gal when it comes to whining, but this was one time when the rules of "Fight Club" must be ignored, as I imagine many of you can commiserate with me as you have been there and done that.

.....End whine

On a side note, you may now be asking "Fight Club?" "What does Fight Club have to do with this blog post?" Well, those of you who know, please say it along with me, all together now....

"What's the first rule of fight club? Don't talk about fight club..."
"What's the second rule of fight club? Don't talk about fight club..."

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, dear friend, and for still loving this girl even when she is whining while in a snit.


UPDATE....Apparently, though it takes a whole village to raise a child, it only takes one blog post to "raise" an exchange gift, so I am happy to report that my exchange gift did reach it's intended victim recipient and she "adores it," however she was sidelined in posting "thusly," by computer problems.
Rock on!
I am still done. ❤
Ma Teakettle


Anonymous said...

Oh how frustrating! (((Ma Teakettle)))

Ma Teakettle said...

Ahhh thanks LTMBIY :) I know you have BTDT as well.

diamondc said...

Dear Ma Kettle: I hear you loud and clear this happened to me on the very first exchange I did I was so excited about the exchange that I almost fell over when the piece I did was not even close to its destination I did go to the uspost office site and enter the tracking number on the very small piece if paper they call a customs declarection well needless to say this is the piece of paper that saved me from making another exchange piece, it took the piece a month to reach England, wow a whole month and now I am dealing with the same problem but not on an exchange, I wish you would not give up on the exchanges its so much fun to recieve a gift, I can tell by your blog site you do beautiful work.
I only pick things to do that I have leftover fabric and threads from another project to do an exchange on.
I hope you feel better about this and you are right about the fight club rules, I totally agree.
P.S. It feels good to let off steam.


Karen said...

So sad about your exchange... but you did mke me laugh with your Fight Club reference. Hopefully it will turn up!

happy stitching...

Mouse said...

ohhhh I hope you don't give up :( My Christmas present to DJ (tickled pink) took 6 weeks to get from here to there so you can imagine what it was like ... I sent a pillow that one girl one of my blog and that took 3 weeks longer than the rest which only took a week !!! love exchanges even with the mouse on a hot brick waiting till they arrive at destination love mouse xxxx

Lynn said...

I sympathize with you and understand the need for whining. Although I've never been involved in an exchange, I've heard many horror stories regarding lost items.
I held my breath recently when I sent off my giveaway package. Thankfully it made it there in one piece.

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

One of the most admirable things a person can do is *Say what you mean, mean what you say, and leave out the blather* and... you have succeeded ~ kudos Ma! My first/last exchange failed miserably, was couple yrs ago on a Yahoo group. My partner was the Hostess, wait ~ it gets better ~ who reneged on her end, explaining she just wasn't up to it after all ~ can you imagine! 'Twas a very generous package she rec'd from me. That was enough for me, I'll stick to offering a giveaway from time to time for my blog followers, it delights me and suits me just fine...

Have a great weekend Ma:)

statiubioncan you image. Can't say I ever got over the sting

Maggie said...

I did get myself involved in a couple of exchanges a couple of years back, but the experience was not good so now i tend to stear clear. Shame you have been put off though if you enjoy it.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I definitely know that feeling.
I have had some of my pieces disappear never to be seen again. (hope the person that did get it enjoys it since they must have needed it more than the intended person)
I only will do occasional in states exchanges but private ones whom I trust only. (due to people not following through)

Nancy said...

Sorry you had to wait so long for the intended to let you know it arrived but glad that it did arrive!

Sarah said...

Oh I am so sorry you are so bitter about your experience, and understandably so. I have entered many an exchange and have never had any problem with any of mine. It seems to me that you have been hit by unfortunate circumstances and I am truly sorry you have not had a positive experience, but would hate it to put others off as there is so much fun, excitement and fulfilment to be had by exchanges.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you felt comfortable to whine, that is one of the many reason you have readers. Sorry to hear about your woes, Nothing more disappointing them to put blood sweat and love into a item to not see it reach it's destination or be unappreciated.

Hugs to you!

P.s. Glad that the piece found its way to the recipient!

Ann Flowers

Jennifer said...

hey girl!

I posted this long, long email and then Blogger had an error message so I didn't know if you got it or not.

Anyway, bottom line, your precious stitching pillowkeep is gorgeous. I myself don't participate in exchanges due to the same issues you have found. I find it hard to complete those exactly on time and then stitching is not a hobby give by having giveaways whenever I can and certainly you have THE sweetest heart on Earth so please don't feel a bit of guilt for setting some boundaries. We all have full lives and even though it's nice to receive and give exchanges, it's really hard to commit.

Enjoy your stitching. Forget the deadlines. Life is too short, girlie! Your sweet spirit is so vibrant and your true gift to all of us is your listening and real friendship.

Love ya!

Siobhan said...

Your stitching is beautiful! I see from your update that it did reach its recipient--I'm glad! I did two RRs years ago and both were bad experiences. Since then, I've decided that if I do any stitching for others, it will be a spontaneous gesture on my part and not an exchange. Too much pressure--probably most of which is from myself. That and I'm 110% selfish with my stitching time--I have so much that I want to do for my family & friends.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!

Ma Teakettle said...

Thanks, everyone so much for your words of support, it means a lot to Ma.

Jackie said...

I'm glad it's been found. It's too cute to be floating around somewhere!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Well, my dear KSSS, & Pa too, you wanna know my rules?
I stitch what I want to stitch, when I want to stitch it and for whom I want to stitch it for. I stand true to the KSSS and will never stray. oh and as Leroy puts it "Rules are made to be broken"
ILYLAS coz your my FRBC

Parsley said...

Aww..while I'm glad your giftie finally arrived to the intended person, I'm sad you are giving up exchanges. The 3 I have hosted have had 99% success. Sorry sweets.

Catherine said...

Your piece is beautiful and I am glad that it made it to its new home! I have only taken place i one private exchange and one other exchange so far - and luckily my things have made it to their homes. I do enjoy doing small RAKs from time to time.

Kudos to you for letting it all out! HUGS!

Margaret said...

Your "whine" has drawn me out of lurker-land. I am totally with you on this and have sworn off exchanges for life after some bitter disappointments. For me it will be spontaneous gifts only - as my old Granddad used to say "blessed is he who expecteth nothing for therein he shall not be greatly disappointed" Hope you have a great day

Debbie said...

Ok, my views on exchanges. What does everyone do with all the STUFF that is put with the exchange? How many pads of paper and candy does one need? I like the idea of stitching something for a cause . This year I made two dresses for Dress a Girl Around The World Foundation. I can't tell you how humble I felt when the thank you note arrived in the mail forcme. I will be doing this every Spring for now on!

Midge said...

It is such a shame that you have been put off. How rude of the person who received it not to get in touch straight away - surely as a stitcher she/he would have known how much time, effort and love is put into anything we do. I am ashamed to be British sometimes.

Ma Teakettle said...

Thanks everyone for allowing me my snit and loving me while at it :) I love that you all felt safe and comfortable enough to both reply honestly and share your experiences both positive and negative....and isn't it a wonderful world that we can each choose where our interests lie.
Viva la Difference!

Chris said...

Dear Ma,
I am glad that your piece made it. I have been involved in a couple of exchanges so far and have had a good expeience so far. I know that lots of times things don't make it to their destination and I know that I would feel the exact same way that you do.
I have a hard time sending off a piece. I become so attached and care so much about everyting I stitch that I have seperation anxiety. ACK!
I think everyone understands exactly how you are feeling and respects what you have said!
Happy Mother's Day.

Sheila said...

I totally understand, I have had a few issues with exchanges as well. I may just do as you are and say no more.
Have a great day!

Erin said...

Wandering through blogland today, and stumbled on your post....I completely understand. I haven't done many exchanges, andso far have had no troubles with those I've done, but I've seen so many get lost. :( While I'll still do the occasional exchange, though, I'm reeeally gun-shy when it comes to round robins. The first and last one I participated in had at least 2 people drop out, and one did so without ANY communication to the rest of the group, leaving us holding pieces and her with other people's projects! Maddening.

geeky Heather said...

The very first exchange I participated in got "lost in the mail." I spent close to $50 on it! "Lost" is in quotes because...after the recipient told me that she never received it, and I asked her to call the post office with the insurance number (lesson learned: insurance number != tracking number), and I re-created the whole package, sent it again, put in the claim to the post office (which involved scanning in a dozen receipts and sending pictures), and got reimbursed...I got the original package returned through the mail marked "unable to deliver--never claimed at post office." =(

The recipient's reaction was NOT "Oh my goodness, so sorry for your trouble, I can't believe I'm such an idiot/why didn't the PO tell me the package was there", but instead, "Oh ha ha, how funny!"

Yeah. Really funny that I went through all that stress, all that extra time, and all that worry that the online community would think I was a bad trader, and I am now stuck with a bunch of stuff not to my taste.

I am NEVER doing an exchange again.