Sunday, April 17, 2011

And Another Season Comes To An End

This weekend one Ma and one Pa headed Up Yonder, along with one wee pup to close up one small house. They packed and wrapped and folded and cleaned, and Pa even found time to shoosh the turns, while Ma found time to stitch and the little pup enjoyed a long rest and a roll in the freshly melted snow.....and then they locked the red door and headed down the mountain to home.

This Ma and this Pa, and even the wee pup, will enjoy the next months working, living and playing in Southern Connecticut, until once again they will make the trek Up Yonder to the Little House in the Big Woods, with the red door and the babbling brook.

Ma and Pa, and even the wee pup, bid farewell to a long winter's end.

bill's brook - vermont from glemak on Vimeo.



matty said...

ohhh.. how wonderful! Aren't you loving it??

Parsley said...

I have to say it looks like a fun getaway place.

Just stopped in blogland to check entries for my giveaway and off I go to read and stitch and lay flat.

Sarah Beth said...

It looks beautiful. I sure would love a place like that in the woods in the mountains. What a cool place to stitch. How long do you stay there.Do you winter there and summer somewhere else. Congrats on your son getting married in the future.Love your blog.

Catherine said...

I just love the look of up yonder - and your brook video is amazing! I can imagine all the peaceful hours one could spend in your special place!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

awe, closure to a season of pretty white stuff and all. Nothing quite like it. Bring on the sunshine, heat and OOTDS.
I watched the Babbling Brook and had a good chuckle with Teagan and Leo chasing the Deer, lol Teagan reminded me of that old game of tag that we used to play as kids where you had to make a path in the snow, typically a large circle and then make the intersections like a pie. The center of the circle was home free. Thanks Teagan, I don't feel that old anymore....
I am sure the next season will bring lots of time on the trails and stitches in the sassy fab's.
As always, ILYLAS

Prairie Homemaker said...

I Loooooove little houses and I especially love red doors! I plan to put a red door on my own little house this year!
hugs sweetie