Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Step Forward....

Two steps backwards.

I have come to the sad conclusion that I can no longer attempt to finish "Sheltering Tree," as it just doesn't want to be stitched! No matter how hard I concentrate on each and every stitch, counting twice and stitching once, I just keep finding myself completely overwhelmed. I have decided that though I love both the design and the floss, I am not going to pursue another attempt with it, and since this one was my third restart, I am not even adding it as a UFO. I have decided to offer this chart and the floss together as a swap.

Can I offer it for trade to anyone?

Here is the link to see what it looks like finished...Sheltering Tree

Leave me a comment if you are interested in a swap for this chart and the floss. Be advised that it is HARD!



  1. Oh Mar! I started trying to work on this one last week and I feel your pain! I had to frog a section already - and as much as the design called for me, it just doesn't seem to fun so far!

  2. What a shame but I know exactly how you feel. I did have a similar incident several years ago. Tried to stitch The Water Dragon by Cross My Heart designs for my son. So many dark colours stitched on black and I finally gave up in disgust when I couldn't tell the dark blue from the dark green and lost my place. I think it's still somewhere down in the basement storage room.

  3. If you are still interested in trading contact me via email, my email is in my profile and "lets make a deal" :)

  4. Sorry to hear that you've been defeated by the tree. Sometimes there's a project that's just pretty enough that you want to keep trying, but the frustration just takes all the fun out.

    Hope your next project has a much happier ending.

  5. Oh Ma that's a shame .. looks a lovely piece .. am not sure I would have anything to swop with you ??? would you like me to stitch it for you instead and finish it ??? (just a thought ?) love mouse xxxx

  6. You make me feel soooo much better, my dear friends. *hangs head in shame*

    Parse...Yes, be scared, be very scared....LOL, nah just kidding, you'll be fine :)

    Hugs to all :)

  7. oh my ye giveht up to soon. but hey some designs are just that way... Haven't come across one yet that got the best of this chick but I also have a different colour of P&V! ya know, ya just might know someone who would be tickled PINK to stitch that puppie up for ya Ma and no swaps required. well, just the LLAS maybe.
    Think 'bout it Dear Missy
    ps, I take it the hills are good and your just making the best of them....... lol

  8. Sometimes you just gotta know when to say "WHEN". You gave it a good try or three or four try! Good job Ma!


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