Thursday, February 10, 2011

A "Tweet" To Share

Last night I sat down with Pa, the DVR and the first LHN ornament of 2011, "Tweet," and spent some quality time putting needle to thread.

I had decided to wait to start my ornament stitching until I had received my Sassy's Fabby "Snickerdoodle" fabric, as I had it in my mind to use it for a few of the ornaments. But, as you now know, dear friend, from my previous post, that I had fallen in love with my new fabric so much that I had decided to use it for the entire series. I actually had started this last year, when I chose to stitch the 2010 series all on store bought Tea Dyed Monaco. But, I digress, as my point was to share with you my first experience with Lauren's hand dyed fabric and share a few pictures with you.

What a dream the fabric was to work on! It feels so soft in my hands and the needle does glide right through it, and the first thing that I noticed was how easy it was to see the holes, even with the dyed coloring. That has always been my problem with hand dyed fabric, in that I find myself struggling to see the hole through the coloring, but this was a breeze. I am even more in love!

So, without further digression, here are some early progress pictures....

2011 LHN Monthly Ornament #1 "Tweet"
 Look at how gorgeous the DMC floss looks against the "Snickerdoodle" fabric.

Stitched on Sassy's Fabbys hand dyed 28 ct Monaco "Snickerdoodle," using DMC floss.
Look at the Gorgeous Coloring of the "Snickerdoodle" beneath the floss!

I love how the stitching looks against the coloring of the fabric. It makes the whole WIP look like a painted picture.

So, there you have it, dear friend. Not only is Sassy's Fabbys a dream to stitch, it brings gorgeous dimension to your stitched piece, making it into the true heirloom that we are all looking for.

I also must add that almost all of my floss and most of my stitching tools used and shown on my blog, have come from Anita's Little Stitches, my other love love love. Both stores, Sassy's Fabby's and Anita's Little Stitches are owned and run by the kindest and most organized ladies evah! Kiss, kiss, kiss!

I hope that you get a chance to visit Lauren, the owner of Sassy's Fabby's and can cruise her vast listing of fabric styles, count and colors that she herself hand dyes, as you too will fall in love!

Snickerdoodle Hugs


  1. This looks similar to the linen I used in my recent piece. I think I will have to contact her soon for some 'snickerdoodle' because that color is divine!

    Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I love it! and your right your stitching looks maaaavalllous on it... very good choice for your ornies

  3. It looks dreamy! Can't wait to see more :-)

  4. That is beautiful.
    I love the look of your stitching on it.

  5. The fabric does set off the threads beautifully :)

  6. Great start, it looks wonderful on that fabric!

  7. The colors look wonderful on this fabby! I love this ornie...I think I may need to start mine soon...

  8. What a lovely blend of fabric and design. Gonna be a beauty! :)

  9. The entire years collection will look wonderful on this choice of fabby Missy, as all of your other stitching always does. Just coz your wonderful yourself. LYLAS
    As always

  10. Bee-yoo-tee-ful! (and may I add that is my current favorite ornament design?)

  11. That color looks exactly my style! I will have to go check her site out ~ thanks for the info!

    Love what you're working on ~ looks great on that fabric!


  12. Ahh thanks, dear friends, you make me blush! I am just having a great time with this fabric....and I do so love stitching that it
    s fun to find so many amazing stitchy sisters who are not only talented, but very kind and sweet.
    Love you...sniff sniff

  13. Your ornament looks fantastic on that fabric! Vonna first introduced me to Sassy's fabrics. However it's been a while since I've visited and I'd forgotten all about their hand dyed Monacos.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  14. Gorgeous fabric your stitches stand-out beautifully on it.

  15. So nice to find your blog to read!

    I love the fabric you're using. I've just starting using linen other than aida and I love it!

  16. A very cute start:)That fabric is gorgeous!

  17. Oooh, love it! I have Sassy's Fabrics in Sugared Coffee (love the names!) for my Jane Rees. It is a DREAM to work on!

  18. That's lovely ornament, beautiful start. And the fabric is amazing, will have to check out Sassy's :)


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