Friday, February 25, 2011

That's A Lot Of Pink!

First of all, I want to give a huge "Thank You!" to my very dear stitchy sisters who posted awesome solutions to my "rather" off center WIP.

I did exactly what you said, and it worked out perfect! I even had a strip of White Monaco that, when stitched together with my WIP, looks almost like one piece.

Kiss Kiss Kiss!

I finally finished the pink outline, and after ten yards of Crescent Colours "Poppy" floss and crossing more "X's" than I care to count, for a total of 96 pink squares!

That is a lot of pink!

I present to you....Progress:

I am really enjoying this WIP, and cannot wait to start filling in all of those boxes.



  1. This piece would work well as a Round Robin... Heck I would love to fill in a few boxes for you. coz you know, after all, ILYLAS.
    as always

    and I am alive serious on this one kiddo

  2. Oh this looks fabulous! Whilst, I think it looks just right as is and, BTW, I can't wait to see you fill it in either. But, if you want the other side to match cut it off and sew it back on...VIOLA! Both sides look as if you meant them to be thataway. That PA what a great guy! They say you only need two things in your toolbox...duct tape and WD-40. Duct tape will hold down anything that shouldn't move and if something ain't moving that should squirt some WD-40 on there. HA HA! Have a great day!!!! Love, aNa

  3. Oh wow! I bet you are glad to have all those squares outlined! Now onto the fun part, filling them all in! Glad you managed to fix the edge.

  4. That's a lotta squares....
    Let the filling commense! :)

  5. That is a lot of pink! You'll have fun filling them all in!

    Happy to see you didn't have to resort to duct tape!

  6. Looks great - glad it all worked out!

  7. Awesome WIP
    Can't wait to see the blocks filled in :)


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