Thursday, February 3, 2011

My February TUSAL

So many threads, so few on the fabric ;)

These are the threads that I snipped and frogged so far this year, and as you can see I been a froggin' more than I care to admit.



  1. But the colors look so pretty in your gorgeous jar. Like a Valentine decoration.

  2. What a pretty little jar -
    So sorry about the froggin - I've been in the same pond this year ;(

    Have a great day !!

  3. what a pretty the red thread!

  4. Love the little jar!! The frog came to visit me short while ago!!

  5. Next month is going to be an ORT month! No frogs allowed for you.

  6. The frog was here as well but I knew it was coming because it's why I had to put "Do Not Meddle" down in the first place when I started it like 3 or 4 years ago.

    Happy to say the dragon has made a full recovery (see blog).

  7. Oh dear sorry you were visited by the frog.


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