Friday, February 18, 2011

My Fat Quarter Paradise

Have I ever mentioned, dear friend, that in the heart of our very small, Up Yonder, downtown, is a wonderful quilting shop that is rather popular "with the ladies." It's been around forever and is called "Norton House, Quilter's Paradise" and it is just that. You can find every color and quality of fabric under the sun, and some that you just never imagined existed. And, if you know where to look in the back room of the store there lives the entire collection of DMC floss. I can spend hours just looking at the goodies!

One of the reasons that I love to go and browse, is because they have what must be the best fat quarter wall ever! Imagine one entire wall dedicated to just fat quarters of fabric, in as many patterns and colors as there are stars in the sky, not to mention that they offer a fat quarter special which I can never refuse. I spent a good hour this morning, after an early breakfast with Pa, just browsing and chatting with the owner, Sue, who is also one of the fabric designers.

I came home with these sweet treats....

Look at my lovely fabric!
I am already imagining the many projects!



  1. Just looking at the outside of the shop makes me want to visit! Good selection you have there.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOoooo Ma I would be in heaven! LOL
    I have a flannel similar to that front one.

    I myself and going fabric shopping today! $1.99 broadcloth, in denim and berry shades caught my eye at Hancock's... and I have a GC! SQWEEEEEEEE shopping and not spending cash, my fave way to shop!
    Have fun looking at your lovelies!
    Now to ever have space to sew again...

  3. looks like a nice cozy place to browse through, not to mention support the economy of NE. Thanks for sharing and glad you had a nice visit.
    as always LYLAS

  4. Aren't you a lucky lady.
    Those are heavenly colors.
    Have fun with them.

  5. ooo now I am jealous I have a few fat quarters my self for the bit of sewing I do these days and I've just seen the blue version of daisy's in your stash pile that I am using for my daisy lane LHN (mines green)and I love that one too *sigh oh well may be one day will get to see such treasures :) love mouse xxxxx

  6. I am glad you had some fun - it's nice to spend time in a favorite shop - Great fabric & conversation - A good combination if you ask me

    Have a great weekend :)

  7. What a gorgeous selection of fabric!
    Any specific plans for them, or are they just to join the stash?

  8. What an adorable shop! I can only begin to imagine what cute things we'll see you making with these!

  9. Lovely fabrics!
    I've never been to this shop but I have been in that area many years ago. My ex and I used to travel to New Hampshire quite often for a weekend away. We'd travel through NY and Vermont on the way and quite often would take a side trip. I sure wish I'd found something like this then!

  10. How pretty! What fun! Maybe it can go on the list for July?? Just thinking...

  11. Oh I am drooling over your shop and your fat quarter purchases. I will have to make it a must go shop if ever in Vermont!


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