Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look Who Come A Visitin'

A pheasant showed up in the front yard, and guess who came out to greet it....

Oh, you betcha!

Ma is still wondering where that spring thaw is, as the thermometer on the front porch read 2 degrees this morning!

Humored Hugs
Ma Teakettle


  1. I bet the pheasant didn't stay long - lol

  2. That is one big pheasant, I love the look on its face.

  3. Spring is in Florida. Come on down! It's very lovely.

  4. NO snow to be seen here now.
    Sending warm sun-shiny thoughts your way!

  5. I'm not sure you'll be seeing him again after he sees his welcoming committee!
    I've yet to see one of these big guys.

  6. Ma... isn't that a turkey? A decent tom by the looks of his beard! We have pheasants at my house... they're actually a much smaller bird than a turkey. My cat stalked a pheasant... and I just shook my head "cat, you don't want to tackle that!" lol... isn't it fun to see the wildlife though?

  7. I used to work next to a pheasant farm when I lived in Wisconsin. Occasionally, I would see them cross the road. And the occasional wild turkey as well. I miss that drive to work, it was very scenic.

  8. BTW, did you see the pics of my itty-bitty addition who was born on Tuesday?

  9. LOL... :)

    Kim...We thought at first that it was a wild turkey, but then it flew into the tree, and we thought that turkeys couldn't fly...but you know now we are curious, do they fly?



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