Monday, February 21, 2011

Friends, We Have A Turkey

When this fellow showed up on Saturday, Pa and I were mesmerized and spent a good few minutes watching him trot around the front yard, and marveled over the wild turkey. But, then when he flew into the apple tree, Pa and I looked at each other and exclaimed "Huh!" as neither of us thought that a turkey could fly. But, after a tip by my sweet friend, Kim, and a subsequent Google search it was confirmed that this was indeed a wild Tom turkey and yes, they do fly in fact according to Google how else would they retreat from danger...duh!

So, dear friend, I present to you the wild pheasant turkey that came a visitin'.

And a huge "Thanks" goes out to Kim, who called it right. Winner, winner, turkey dinner. =)
Kiss kiss kiss!



Anonymous said...

So it'll be interesting to see if Tom sticks around. But not if he reads your blog! LOL

KimV said...

Lol! no problem... ok, my funny true turkey story...
We use to live out of Great Falls, it's on the prairie... not many turkeys (lots of pheasants) so my Grandpa is visiting and he says "I hear a turkey" and I say "Grandpa, we don't have turkeys" this goes on for a bit, then I look out into my yard... low and behold there is a hen and two toms. The toms are struttin around looking macho trying to impress Ms Henny... and she's playin hard to get just ignoring them... but here's the deal, Ms Henny came from my neighbor's house 1/2 mile north and in a coulee and the boys came from another neighbor's house 1/2 mile south and they met at my house... now how the heck did they know about each other and where to meet??? love... what can you say? the ending... Ms Henny nested and had 4 babes in our shop until they were old enough to go back home! LOL! Ma, thanks for posting your picture... made me remember!

ooglebloops said...

We had turkeys around here last year. They would march (literally) single file across my front field to the river. I have a feeling they were sadly hunted this past season - have not seen or heard a single one in their usual hiding places. They roosted in the trees at night.

Ma Teakettle said...

OMW, Terri...too funny, I should have said "Chicken dinner." :)

Kim...That is so funny...little did you realize you were like the town Dairy Queen hang out for turkeys!
Thanks again, Kim, you are our hero!

Lynn said...

Now I have seen lots of wild turkeys out my way but none are as big as that one. Ours are pretty scrawny.