Tuesday, January 18, 2011

J'adore Monaco

I do, I really really do!

But, it's not what you are thinking, dear friend, as this down home "pickle-o" eatin' gal is speaking of the cross stitch fabric and not the Principality. I must admit, however, that if I were to someday find myself in Monaco and perhaps wandered into one of the fabulous cafes around Monte Carlo, I wouldn't be hatin' it.

But, I digress, as the whole point of this post is to proclaim my love for Monaco, and to ask you, dear friend, what would be the harm if I were to stitch exclusively upon it. Do I dare? The colors are limited and would require some adjusting on my part, and I may wind up with all of my finishes resembling one another on "Tea Dyed," as it is my favorite of the Monaco pallet.

As always, when I am a bit "fehoodled" by one of my schemes, I turn to you, dear friend, and inquire as to your thoughts on such a topic. I would also ask for some ideas as to other fabrics that would allow this perfectionist of a gal the ability to end up with a finished piece that has the look of linen but the true regularity and ease of my one true love, Monsieur Monaco.



  1. Zweigart Jubilee is similar to Monaco,but it's getting hard to find these days.

    I use Lugana and Joebelan, but since they are synthetics, they do have a different look from the all-cotton fibers. I like them though!

  2. Good post! Can't wait to see the replies. I do adore Monaco especially the 'tea dyed' color. I'm willing to try others but so far, this is my go-to fabric.

  3. I say go for it! I like the coffee dyed linens and use them a lot. If you get tired of monaco just change up for a bit. It's the vibrant threads that matter in the end :)

  4. Limited colors??? Don't be silly, Ma! Monaco takes very well to over-dying. Grab yourself some RIT dye or some tea bags and go to town! I have posted about dyeing on my blog...


  5. Try Ebay!!!! I think there are people who hand dye Monaco. You'll have to check, I'm not positive.
    Good Luck

  6. I love Monaco too! :) It's so easy to work with.. I am sure you could find some dyed- or try your hand and dyeing your own! :)

  7. I have found some hand dyed Monaco on ebay in the past but haven't checked lately. I like the Monaco as well. I'm currently stitching one of my LHN designs on some. If you prefer using it then stick with it!

  8. I do love to work with Monaco and I find 32cLugana and Joebelan fits in well here also but my favorites are Belfast Linen or Newcastle Linen in 40c.,,, and if you can't find the colour you are looking for I know someone who would spew their coffee for you... .
    As always and still smiling

  9. Thanks, dear stitchy gal pals! I am going to try my hand at the evenweave alternatives that you all mentioned, as well as, gulp, dying my own :)
    I will also peruse ebay as well.
    I will keep you all posted.

  10. I love Monaco as well. And I found I had a large piece of it left that I can use on my Christmyth ornaments! Yay! I think it's what I may substitute for the cardboard-like 18 ct Aida that came with my Thomas Kinkade Snow White if I can find it in 32 ct.

  11. Lauren at Sassy's Fabbys (http://sassysfabbys.com/Home.html) is hand-dying Monaco now. Her prices are really reasonable and her colours are fantastic. She does a colour of the week selection (updated every two weeks) at a discount, and she also does a fabric of the month club at a further discount. Great way to expand that colour palette. ;)

  12. Nicole....thank you soooo much! I am headed over there now!


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