Monday, December 27, 2010

Nineteen Inches And Counting...

You read the title right, dear friend, and as any blogger in the "Blizzard Warning" area of the Eastern US will tell you, this is a lot of snow!

Up yonder, we awoke to 19 inches and a steady snowfall still coming down.

Teagan wanted no part of the required trek through the tundra to do her morning "constitutional," but Leo had no problem what so ever, as you can see....

There is no stopping a Labbie when he makes up his mind to "go for it," or a Pa who is headed up to the mountain for a day of "fresh pow."

The dogs and Ma will be enjoying a cozy day by the fire, with a cup of tea and a basket of stitching WIPS.

Hoping that wherever you are, dear friend, you are enjoying a day spent just the way you want.



  1. BRRRRR! You may just have to make a snow path for little Teagan. hehe

    Tea and stitching sounds like fun. I think I'll do the same.

    Hope you have a great week and Happy New Year!


  2. We only have 8 inches.... Stay warm and stitch away!



  3. Stay warm my dear.

    Our high in Phx, AZ is expected to be 66. The low 40 degrees. Not expecting rain until Wed.

  4. WArm hugs from NC where we got 7 inches here.....unheard of for us!! Enjoy your snowy day and hoping you dont have to get out in that blizzard~~~

    Happy stitching~~ Faye

  5. Now that's a Canadian Winter I say,,,but in our part of Ontario it has totally bypassed us and we are lucky to have a very small amount to cover the low parts of the grass.
    I can't think of a nicer way to spend a day than stitching, especially when you don't have to do the shoveling...
    As always

  6. What a wonderfully white Christmas. Teagan, curl up with Ma and keep those little paws warm.

  7. We got quite a bit of snow here on Long island. And I can't keep my dog in! He loves the snow. :) Can't wait for him to get tires so I can sit and stitch. :)

  8. Ack! That means a lot of cell phone towers are probably down over there and I'm sure the NE call centers are closed and people will be calling asking why UPS has not delivered their replacement phone. Ack! Not going to be a good day at work.

    Did I mention, I miss LOOKING at the snow but not SHOVELING the snow since I've moved to Texas? Or better yet DRIVING in the snow?

    Sounds like a good day to sit inside, watch the snow and stitch ;)


  9. We had our forst snow storm yesterday into today. I think we got about 6 to 8 inches. that is enough for me. LOL Happy New Year !!

  10. We had over 14" here in my part of the Mid-Atlantic. It was the third largest snowfall on record!

    Stay safe and warm!

  11. I love seeing you pictures of snow. Can you tell we don't get any where I live...LOL. We have had nothing but rain the last few days and there is flood warning out - luckily we are high and dry. Enjoy your stitching by the fire.

  12. Jeepers Karyn, that's a lot of snow! We had a little Christmas morning but would have liked to had a little more. Not 19 inches though! Hope you all thaw out soon!

  13. that is the kind of snow my parents get where they live, an hour from me!!!! They got about 19 inches a few weeks ago. We just laughed, because like I said..we are an hour away & only got about 2. We haven't gotten any of this round!!!

  14. WOW! that is ALOT of snow!!! But I like your idea to sit in with a cup of tea, the fireplace and stitching!!!

  15. Lovely pictures. We haven't had snow or ice yet in Texas. Christmas Eve 2009 we were snowed in though.

  16. Sounds like the perfect day to me - all snowed in with stitching to do and a warm fire!

    Stay safe and toasty - except for the winds and cold, we were spared the brunt of the storm, only a few inches here with drifting!

  17. Sounds like a perfect excuse to hunker down and stitch! Stay warm!

  18. Wow, we were promised 16-20 and only got 6-8. I am glad it missed us this time. Hope you had a nice day stitching by the fire.....Nancy


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