Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Needles To Linen

I have been busy, yet again finishing up my 2010 SALs, and want to share them with you, dear friend.

First, I present for your perusal.....

Sylvia"s Little Hearts

Almost Finished!
When that was finished, I stitched up an ornie.....

#11 "All Is Calm"
And as if that wasn't enough, I finally received my October SYHO chart.....

Monsterbubbles "Twitter"
 I am still waiting for my "tweet" charm and will attach that when it finally arrives. I actually enjoyed this WIP, both the chart and the colors. I do enjoy Monsterbubbles!

I have discovered two things this year, I love love love PTP linen, as it is so sweet to stitch on, as well as Crescent Colors floss. I am still a flossaholic stashonista  but I am discovering my sweet treats.

I loved the LHN Monthly Ornament series and will be sure to do the 2011 series, as well. I am wondering what to do with the 2010 series "used" charts.....hmmmm.....any suggestions?



  1. PTP linen? Now you are going to make me look for that...whatever it is! ;-)

  2. Love the musical choices Ma and as far as what to do with the "Sweetly Stitched Stash" well you could start a library. Our Sisterhood has a HUGE library and we are always restocking the stash. Love the LNH Monthly Ornament series and I will be doing the 2011 ones also. Seems my "Enabler" will be stocking her shelves with this and well, ya just can't leave them there on the shelves, especially if there is only one left. Have a sweet stitch of a day.
    As always,
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Love all your stitches!!

    Hmmm....what to do with all those charts???? Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. GIVEAWAY! :)

    I love the finished objects! Wowsers! You have been busy!

  5. You've been busy!

    They are all just lovely.

  6. Those are beautiful! I love the All is Calm one, too!

  7. You have been very busy! love all of your finishes.

  8. Your Little Heart SAL is beautiful and I love your finishes.


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