Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm In....Again!

Insert a giggle "here" as I tell you about the funniest SAL, that I have joined. It is more of a challenge than a SAL to be honest, but whatever you call it, you can find the details at Jayne's blog.

Basically, this is a challenge that I can do, to chose 15 WIPs to finish by the end of 2011. This appears to be a win win situation for me as I have accumulated, in a very short time, a whole slew of UFOs that need to be finished, just finished!

I am off to peruse through the stitchy stashy, so that I can make my list and gather my "junk" to begin on January 1st.



  1. Good luck girlie!

    I'm giggling about me trying to do what next myself. I get overwhelmed sometimes at too much stash but if you like Blackbird Designs and scissors I'm having a Christmas Giveaway soon to stay tuned for.

    Have fun!!!!

  2. You just can't sit still, can you? I'm rooting for you!
    Can't wait to see the finished goods.

  3. That is NUTS! I don't think I actually have 15 WIPs though...

    ....plus come march there will be 2 babies....

  4. Okay, I am gonna think about this one as I am sure I can find 15 WIPS LOL

  5. Now this is a worthwhile SAL!! I may have to join, at least in spirit, as I have sooooo many undone projects. Oh, for a winning lottery ticket!

    BTW, love love LOVE the new banner! Fabulous!!!!



  6. I'm going to be jumping into this challenge too. My logic here is that if I finish 15 "started" projects in 2011, then in 2012, I'll join the challenge to start 15new projects a year. Which of course, would require purchasing MORE stash!! Can you imagine the fun of THAT shop-a-holic trip? :)

  7. It makes much more sense to try and finish 15 WIPs than to start 15 new ones in January and finish them by the end of the year. Are you going to pull your 15 and post them at the beginning of the year? :)

  8. Heheee!

    Wooohooo girls, I'm so glad that you are joining me....and Vonna....do it do it do it!

    Jennifer....oh my, I am so in!

    PeggyLee....Thanks! XO

    Joy...wow! 2 babies....I don't think I have anywhere near 15 but I do have more than a few...giggle.

    Vicky...Oh please join us! XO

    Matty....You too!

    Sharon...I like your logic, girlfriend! I m so glad that you are joining! yayyyy

    Jackie....Wanna join? You could mix it up ith cross stitch and quilting XO oh, and yes that is a great idea....I will post them. XO

    Love ya

  9. I'm probably going to need this challenge in 2012, since I'm doing the 'start 15 new projects from January 1 to 15' challenge in 2011. LOL I can't wait to cheer you on!

  10. I went through my stuff....I think I only have about 5 UFOs but it's a combo of knitting and cross stitching so I think I'll finish them (I'm not counting Kinkade because it's going to take FOREVER). Plus with the second child on its way...ha...ha... we'll see how much time I actually have (it appears to be a girl, BTW).


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