Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ma's Comfort Soup

What does a good Catholic Ma make for a family dinner of comfort food? Why, Matzo Ball Soup of course!

It was so yummy too.

Want a bowl?
Simply Delish!
I even made enough to send a nice batch home with Big Brother.

Comforting Hugs


matty said...

How are you surviving the empty nest??

Warm hugs to you!


Parsley said...

Love the Jewish Catholic soup! LOL

Actually, yes, I'd love to try a bowl. I've never had it!

Joy said...

Looks good. When can I come over?

Jennifer said...

Jewish penicillin.....MY FAVORITE!

Patti said...

I have to tell you from a real Jewish Mama that it looks as good as mine. I made a great big shissel (that's a huge pot) full of it last week and it's all gone into my kids and grandkids tummies.

Patti xxx

GrammyGoo said...

Looks Delish!