Friday, February 26, 2010

And Another Storm

We had more snow at the Teakettle Corner this week, and Pa took some pictures for you, dear friend, so that you too can enjoy a New England snowstorm.
While the snow fell, and fell, and fell some more, I stitched my heart out




  1. we have tons of snow out here in Ontario pretty from inside looking out. your new start is to cute.

  2. In our part of Ontario we only received a little snow. Your part of the country looks much prettier. A good excuse to stitch!
    Have a great week end! The olympic hockey game will be a good one to watch on Saturday.

  3. Beautiful start Ma! I love to look at the snow - it really is so gorgeous! But going out in it is miserable :)

  4. Looks like on happy puppy!

    Great start on your project too!

  5. Blogging and watching the snow here to Dear Friend...
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, GG

  6. The snow looks beautiful, however, I'm sure your tired of it, at least this much of it. Your SYHO piece is coming along beautiful. I am really considering stitching this myself.

  7. It looks like you are getting more today! I am sorry we keep sending it your way! :)

    Your stitching is so pretty! How do you find time for it?

    Stay warm, dearie!


  8. Glad the snow provided you with so much stitching time.

    Love seeing your snow pics -- hope your Jack Russell was enjoying himself in the snow (or was he just rushing back to the warmth of the house ;)

    Lovely start, looking forward to seeing the other designs in the series.

    Keep warm and keep stitchin',

  9. Looks lovely...great stitching too..well done, it is a very pretty piece. Cant wait to see it finished!

  10. Beautiful pictures. Your project is going to be gorgeous.

  11. Sorry.... but I do not envy you that snow. I can't wait for Spring this year.
    Love your start... looks like there'll be a HD soon. :0)

  12. Wow! All that snow! I love the photo of Teagan - he is the picture of enthusiasm! So cute. Beautiful stitching Kare! Hugs to you! <3


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