Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pioneer! O Pioneer!

In no attempt to quote Walt Whitman, I decided that I would take today as a day to re-oganize my stitchy thoughts. I have made my New Year's resolutions and stated my "hopes' for what I would like to accomplish this year, but I have only briefly thought about my stitching priorities for the year.

Now, before you yawn and drift off, dear friend, let me fill you in on the back story. You see, I have only begun stitching this past June, and as such I am really very new to the world of cross stitch. Being that I am also persistent and pushy, I have become an avid and passionate stitcher who has made many wonderful friends who share my passion for all things cross stitchy. This back story is long, so as they say, "Long story, short," my cross stitch experience began out of necessity and a three month confinement to the recliner, after a bad fall and subsequent foot surgery. What started as a small kit that I figured would pass the time, turned into a passion that finds me still rushing through my chores so I can sit and stitch. Yep, I've got it bad! If you ask anyone in my family, they will tell you that I have great passion but poor follow through, so it is with real astonishment that I find myself as passionately addicted to cross stitch today as I was back in June, I really have found my "thing," and it only took me 46 years!

So, now that you have the back story, dear friend, I am going to move ahead and begin making a list of my WIPs, UFOs, and SAL's so that I can stay on track and accountable to myself and the friends who I have made a commitment to stitch along side. As this is my first time doing such a task, I  have read all of your blogs and have been able to create an ideal of this years stitchy calendar and plans. So, as I rub my hands together in great anticipation, I feel like a pioneer about to embark on a new adventure into the great wilderness. Well, not really but it sounded like a nice end to my story.

My Finishes 2009:
  • Janlynn "The Nativity"
  • Little House Needleworks "Colonial Homes"
  • Jardin Prive "My Lady's Quaker"

My 2010 Lists:

  • Blue Ribbon Designs "A Sampling In The Square"
  • Little House Needleworks "Home Of A Crossstitcher Too"
  • Little House Needleworks January Ornament "Fa La La"
  • Little House Needleworks Sampler Months "January"
  • Jardin Prive "My Gentleman's Quaker" (he just really ticked me off)
  • Little House Needleworks Ornament of the Month
  • Litle House Needleworks Sampler Months
  • My lady's Quaker/A Gentleman's Quaker
Waiting For My Needle:
  • Little House Needleworks Onament of the Month "Februaury"
  • Little House Needleworks "My Needle's Work"
  • Glory Bee Designs "God Bless America"
  • Joyful Expressions "Strength and Dignity"
  • Little House Needleworks "Colonial Women"
  • Little House Needleworks "In The Beginning"
  • Jardin Prive various patterns (Thanks Ann :))
  • More patterns than I care to admit!
My Goals/Ideas That I Love:
  • Year long ORT jar (thanks Dani)....I am going to continue to use my Slurpee cup chair side, which will be emptied daily into my jar.
  • Carry my smaller WIPs with me to work on as I go.
  • Finish what I start, no more fighting with my WIPs and shoving it in a closet!
  • Re-start and finish The Gentleman
  • No New Stash/On The Stash Wagon...use what I have on hand...I am thinking about joining our "sticheranon" on her quest.
  • Continue to learn as much as I can from you, dear friend, and try as many new stitches as I can.
I think that about sums it all up, but please feel free to comment on this post with any other ideas that you find helpful, as I love comments and especially advice...."I get by with a little help from my friends."


O you daughters of the West!
O you young and elder daughters! O you mothers and you wives!
Never must you be divided, in our ranks you move united,
Pioneers! O Pioneers!


Catherine said...

Cheers to a well thought out plan! Here's to hoping your adventure goes smoothly and brings you more than you could ever imagine!

Kayla said...

I think this list is very iteresting and I hope you will make all this project!

Karyn said...

Thanks ladies...I love lists....can you tell?


matty said...


What great goals! I will be encouraging you to keep it up! Don't let that "Gentlemen's Quaker" get the best of you! Hang in there !

BTW, I love love love your poem selection! It is one of my favorites! And, I love the Willa Cather novel of the same name. I am teaching it this spring!

Stay warm!


Jennifer said...

That is great to think ahead and make goals. I wish I were more like that. I'm so spontaneous that I never know from time to time what I might stitch. I try now to finish what I start but not knowing which new one will strike me after I finish.
I have such a stash it's probably illegal somewhere! LOL
And guess what? I have one more week off on vacation this week and where do I want to go tomorrow? The grand opening of the Stitch Store where my friend Terrie has reopened her store. It's about a good 50 minute ride, so I may do that tomorrow. And of course, I won't go in there and not bring something home. If I go I will take pictures. I bet it's very pretty. The walls are painted a pale pink, I do know that. It's a brand new brick and mortar stitching store. She is giving away a Just Nan door prize.
I'll have to let you know how it goes if I decide to get out of my PJS.


Jackie said...

I generally stitch or knit a little each day during my lunch hour at work. It can really add up. Great idea to take your smaller WIPs to work. I look forward to seeing your 2010 unfold! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh lists.....a girl after my own heart! I feel a list coming on!

Karyn said...

Hugs :)

Matty...I love that poem too, I never knew there was a novel by that name....I may need to check that out :) Thanks for the support, dear friend, you always make me feel loved :)

Jennifer....Thanks kiddo, I think we need to have a get together and lay out our stash goodies, can you imagine the chaos? We would both be arrested by the stash police :) I want to see pics, if you go to your friend's store...I can't imagine knowing someone with a LNS! You are my hero :)

Jackie...I figured out that it's so silly for me to be gone and my smalls to be sitting at home, I will just bring them with me :) Thanks for your confidence...LOL...I can't wait to see yours too, I get so excited to see finishes :)

Hugs, lovies

Karyn said...

Calico Prairie....that's for sure!

Hugs :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Karyn, sounds like you've got some great plans for 2010... remeber thigns always come up so never keep your list written in stone!

I set myself monthly stitching goals and I have done for years and that really helps me focus on what needs to get done!

Karyn said...

Dani...thanks, that is such great advice, I am such a rules girl that I forget to be flexible :)
Thanks, also for the ORT jar idea, I loved it :)


Donna B said...

You have a wonderful plan thought out. I just haven't been able to get into the stiching thing yet. Of course with 3 three year olds that could be a reason why....

Karyn said...

Donna....LOL, your day will come, my friend, trust me and once it'll be hooked :) Thanks for the compliment, I learned from the best...hehehe.

Happy new Year and hugs :)

lynda said...

You have some very clear goals there Karyn! I would love to think that I could do the same thing...usually my goals fall by the wayside when it comes to stitching...maybe I will take some time to think about this later today...thanks for the inspiration!

GrammyGoo said...

I would need my readers and a huge magnifying glass. lol. I love all the project you ladies share! So pretty!
Blessings, GG

stitchinfiend said...

You post brought such a smile to my face reading it. Isn't it fun being addicted. I think you have done well with your pioneering goals.

I also luv lists is it an obsession - making lists that is.....LOL

Karen said...

Wow, you are really organized and ambitious. Just think of the accomplishments when you're done! Thanks for sharing! (I'm tired just reading them...teehee.)

Karyn said...

Thanks :)

lynda...notice I said my ollow through is not that great, so I may end up by the side of the road myself, in which case I'll look for ya and buy you a coffee :) are too funny, try it ya might like it! :)

stitchinfiend...thanks :) your blog always brings one to mine :) Yes, I agree and this is one addiction that I think the world needs more of! :)

Karen...we shall see how far I get with is really based on the guilt of too much stash!