Monday, January 4, 2010

Knock Knock

Who's there?
The cat slept
The cat slept who?
The cat slept for days on my current WIP!

Yes, dear friend, I must share my tale of horror. We returned from a week "up yonder," and to my utmost horror, there in my stitching chair was the cat, looking oh so comfy, and as I bent down to pet said furry beast, I realized that under her were both the chart and my WIP.

Now, to be fair, I do not remember leaving my WIP in the chair, since I am so very diligent about keeping the "she beast" away from all things stitchy, so it was with a bit of confusion that I sadly moved it from the chair to the table, in order to survey the damage. I think it is not too bad, and a good gentle sticky roller may do the trick, but what a total bummer!

Whatever the case, I thought I would share with you a picture of what one size 16 kitty can do to a WIP:



stitcheranon said...

Cats can be quite opinionated. I think your poor pet was just trying to show full appreciation of your stitchy skills in the only way possible lol.
Praise indeed!

Hope it cleans up ok...

Karyn said... may be right, but I tend to think that it was more like, you left me alone for a week *with dry food and water, no love and treats!

*PETA people and Paris Hilton......Please note she was not alone, son was home all week and she eats good dry food and has a constant bowl of water and a clean cat litter box, so please do not email me or throw tomatoes :)


Julie said...

Too funny! Your kitty must have really missed you. They do that kind of stuff when their people are away for too long.

Parsley said...

That fur is just a way to make things softer. :) Lint rollers...we love em.

Karyn said...


Julie...Oh that's true, it must smell like me....but it is a huge bummer, however she is a love :)

Parsley...LOL, I cringe every time someone comes over wearing black, and I keep that roller handy...I agree :)


Mel said...

I'm sure you'll be able to get the hair out. Cats do have a mind of their own.

Karyn said...

LOL....Mel...aint that the truth!


Kim B said...

Oh bad kitty! I hope this cleans up well so you can get back to it :)

stitchinfiend said...

That is so funny. I had a long haired daschie who shed hair and ohh how I loved that lint roller. Sadly he has been gone 2 yrs in a couple of days time and we have moved house but last week I found one his hairs in a floss bag.

Joy said...

My mother's cat just opens all the cabinets and chews on any stray plastic bags (including the plastic bag for the powdered sugar) when she is away.

I hope you got the fur off. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, it just adds character! LOL

But seriously, a sticky roller will work and besides, I think it still looks awesome, like all your stitchings! :)

Anonymous said...

This is going to sound so lame, but what does WIP stand for?

I am sure your lovely cat was missing you so much she wanted to be as close to "you" as she could. i am sure your stitching reminded her of ya;)

Ann Flowers

Jackie said...

I hope that you can get all the hair off! Lucky it's just hair!

Karyn said...


WIP means Work In Progress....a few others that you'll see me mention are :

UFO: Unfinished Object

SAL: Stitch Along

If anyone can think of other ancronyms....add to my list :)