Saturday, January 2, 2010

And We Have....More Snow Up Yonder

Yes, dear friend, it's true we woke up to even more snow this morning, bringing our week's total, so far, to over a foot!

The Teakettle boys have been shredding some powder up on the mountain, as they do, and Ma has been stitching up a storm on Blue Ribbon Designs "A Sampling In The Square."

Mr. Leo and Miss Teagan have been doing what they do best, playing in the snow and warming by the fire, and Lou even fetched himself a prize, an icicle!

Look at all that snow on our roof!

Little Brother at play on the mountain.

Teagan loves her fireplace.

Leo caught himself a prize

Ma's been stitching......

and stitching.....

and stitching!

It's been a good week.



Anonymous said...

Wow, how beautiful! The guys look like they are really having a lot of fun! You're doing a great job stitching--so pretty! Give the pups a treat for being such good pups in all that snow!

Jackie said...

Just gorgeous! It looks like Teagan has the best seat in the house! I'd love to be all warm and snug inside stitching (or knitting or quilting) in front of the fireplace while it was snowing. Enjoy!

Love the Little Brother action photo!

Parsley said...

Do you ever ski?

Love your home and all the coziness. See you for virtual tea this morning.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

That's a lot of snow! (A couple of inches counts as a lot in the SE United Kingdom!) Lovely stitching.

Jennifer said...

Very lovely, Karyn!
The snow is beautiful too.

I've been stitching but oh so slow for some reason.


Karyn said...

It is beautiful up here, but ohhh so cold, the temp last week was below zero without wind...gotta love VT!

Teagan is too funny, at first she was afraid of the fireplace, it's electric so it "poofs" when u start it, but now her routine outside til she gets frosty paws and makes daddy romp through the snow to get her...then she runs in and lays down in front of the fireplace...she is like a "cozy fireplace addict" and we have to pull her away when she gets too hot...LOL

Parsley...I tried when we first moved to new england, but I fell and hurt myself and never tried again....I decided I am best left to my own two feet...however as we all know from last year's fall and surgery, that aint to swell either! ROFL

Have a great day ladies :)


Sarah Lindfield said...

Stitching is gorgeous, snow too and the fire and dogs look delightful. Little Bro in the snow looks like he's having too good a time.

Catherine said...

Seems like the perfect type of week to me! Thanks for sharing your home - everything looks so cofy!

matty said...

Wonderful! I haven't cross-stitched in a while, but you are tempting me to go to the cedar chest and pull out undone projects! I love your home! It looks so snug!

Enjoy this last weekend of holiday!



Marjorie said...

Looks beautiful...I love that piece but am trying to be good and finish a few things before I accumulate more. Your dogs are very cute!

Karyn said...

Marjoire....Thanks, they are mama's babies :) I totally know what you mean, I am doing the same thing! This is actually the hardest chart I have done so far, and I seem to be frogging more than stitching, but I am determined to finish as I love the pattern and am learning a lot with it.


Naturalearthfarm said...

We are getting cozy up here in northern Vermont too - with snow in the forcast for the next two days.
Your house looks so cozy and your embroidery is beautiful.
Warm wishes.

Karen said...

Karyn, that snow is amazing! I love looking at it from here! :) And your stitching is just as beautiful. The dogs look so content and warm. Funny the "found" toy.

Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful home! And that is a lot of snow. I would want to be by the fire too! Your stitching is lovely. It looks wonderful! thanks for sharing your winter pics:)

Ann Flowers

stitchinfiend said...

Love all that snow please sent some to Aust. I love what you are stitching

GrammyGoo said...

Love the pictures of the Up Yonder Home........Oh it has been so bone chilling cold here.
Blessings, GG