Monday, December 21, 2009

A Stitcher's Tale Of Whoa Nelly!

I realized something this past weekend while I was straightening out and organizing my STASH, I've got a problem!

So I decided to make a few New Year's resolutions, which I wanted to share with you, dear friend, but I thought I would do it in a fun way, using our stitching this wonderful link... Debi's Cross Stitch/acronyms.

So, here goes:

I decided to clean out our spare bedroom, which is basically a "catch all" for anything and everything that doesn't have a designated spot in our house. This, of course, included most of my STASH. I keep my floss organized in bins, which stay safe in a chest in the living room, but the rest of my STASH I keep in the spare room, tidy but unorganized.

I decided that I would first organize everything into areas on the floor, canvas, tools, and the like. I began with my WIPs and WISPs, and then moved on to my UFO's, which looked at me with sadness and accusation (not really, it just felt that way) and the guilt set in, as I asked myself "Why didn't I finish them?" It just seems so much easier to start a new WIP than to continue on with a WISP that isn't cooperating (you know the type). I moved on to the rest of my STASH, and "Whoa Nelly!" I realized that I have been overdoing the S.E.X. and it is time to stop, as there is no need to buy so much, and hang onto STASH instead of using it. You see, I don't have an LNS, so I am forced to buy my needed supplies online, and in doing so I always have this fear of running out of a needed item in the middle of a project, so I tend to buy two when I really only need one, and then I hang onto it, afraid to use it up. Not a big deal when you are buying floss, but not a good idea when it's other things such as canvas. This is how a self-respecting lady on a budget will easily become an out of control S.E.X. addict.

So, as I worked diligently through the day, it became very obvious to me that I have been a PRUDE, and it was high time to implement a StRIP, or else I would end up a lonely old lady with no room for anything but her SABLE. I decided to join a few more SAL's and begin another WIP, and made a promise to myself that from this point on, even if my canvas becomes uncooperative, I will not stop until I finish, even if FROGGING occurs more than stitching and my mantra becomes "rip it-rip it," and even when my ORT cup overflows, and even if I have to make a WIP into a WISP, I will finish what I start and use up what I have. No more UFO's in this girl's life, nor being a PRUDE who refuses to StRIP, and the S.E.X. stops here.

With this in mind I am now ON THE WAGON and doing my own version of the HD!

Sorry my online LNS owners, but for now, I bid you "adieu."



Hazel said...

HAHAHA!! And very well said. Happy Christmas. xx

Catherine said...

Too funny! I am sure that you are not alone and that many of us can relate!

Julie said...

Um, can we say MAD LIBS! LMAO!!! That is exactly how this post read to me. You go girl!!

Karyn said...

Thanks girls! I was kinda proud of it ;)


Jackie said...

I'll be looking forward to your efforts in this area. I'm a new stitcher and I have a couple of big projects kitted up. It's really more than I can stitch in a year or so. And it's only been a couple of months that I've been stitching!

Marjo said...

I had to laugh because behind the humor I know that I do the same thing. I too have to order everything and I hate to run out(I have a Christmas ornament I can't finish because I ran out of Wisper) I tend to over order, particularly fabric. Pricey. I have way more than I will ever stitch but still I am always checking out what is out new and ordering new stuff. What a cute way to express it. Merry Christmas.

Karyn said...

Thanks :) too! I just started in May...can you imagine? Of course that is whole reason behind the Giveaway....LOL :)

Marjo....Isn't it funny? I have this whole fear now of running out of floss, and guess what? I have a bunch of times....ROFL! Best laid plans and all...LOL :)


Karan said...

Experienced a strong sense of deja vu whilst reading that. LOL ;0)

lynda said...

What a great post! I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog...thanks! and have a very merry Christmas!

Sheila said...

I can so relate, I have more STASH than I will probably use in my lifetime.
Merry Christmas