Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Up Yonder Time Again

November has arrived, and with it the beginning of snowboard season, and the weekly migration of the Teakettle Clan north to the "Up Yonder" House.

This weekend will find Ma and Pa opening up the curtains and beating the rugs, getting the house ready for the Brothers and any friends who find their way into the car and up the road a piece.

Little Brother will do what he loves best and shred some fresh powder, along with his Pa who will also exercise his gift for photo ops, while Ma will find a quiet place for a bit of stitching, while the dogs snooze by the fire. Sometimes we may even get a treat and Big Brother will visit as well.

For the next six months the world will slow down a bit from sun down Friday to sun down Sunday while the Teakettle's enjoy life and each other.


  1. Wish I could come with you. I've been skiing a couple of times. It was a blast!

  2. LOL....I do enjoy the family time, however I don't get on anything that moves without my feet on the ground! :) Pa and the boys are awesome snowboarders, and they do have a blast 3 kids...and I enjoy the slower pace and relaxing April it is a bit old ;) Then we retire our weekends up yonder back home until November again...a family tradition since 2005.

    BTW....if you're wondering, up yonder is Southern VT hehe.

  3. Enjoy many beautiful weekends during this season!
    Blessings, GG

  4. Oohhhh I LOVE the new Up Yonder house! Have tons of fun!


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