Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Start, A Finish, And Some Progress

I have been a busy little cross stitch bee, and here are the results.

I started a new Project, Blue Ribbon Designs "A Sampling In The Square"

I am using a 28 ct Antique White Monaco, with the following Weeks Dye Works floss:
Bluecoat Blue, Bluecoat Red, Bright Leaf, Chestnut, Curry, Deep Sea, Garnet, Holly, Hunter, Peoria Purple, and Sweet Potato in a 2 over 2 (Thanks Jennifer).

A Finish
LHN's "Colonial Homes" which just needs a press and a framing.

And Some Progress on Linda Myers "Quilt Band Sampler"


Parsley said...

Aww...now I can't post my pitiful cross-stitching pics. It will look ugly compared to yours.

Great work!

Karyn said...

OMW you are too funny....please post your pics, I want to see your progress, I know your stitches are gonna be perfect!

Thanks for the very sweet compliment, I am learning as I go and still look to gals like Jennifer for guidance and inspiration :)

Hugs and Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh, so pretty Karyn! You do such nice work! :D

Anonymous said...

You have been busy and they are so pretty too. Is it a gift for someone for christmas?

Karyn said...

aww thanks....blushing :)

Calico: Hugs and so do you :)

Vickie: Hugs, nope just for me and my bare walls :)

Thanks girls

Jennifer said...

Woo-Girl!!! That is beautiful colors! And your stitching progress is awesome.
Hey, you make me blush with your compliments......but thanks again. I think your stitching (and your picture taking) is A++++++

What kind of camera do you have? You have some good closeup pics.
I was so glad to get my husbands
former evidence camera. It's a 10 year old Kodak but it was so much better than what I had before.
I dream of a Nikkon one day.....

Karyn said...

Thanks Jennifer...it's all true about ya ;) You make me blush that you like my stitching and how it's improving :)

The pics were all hubby, his camera and his telling me what to do and how to do it, he is an amazing photog, that is one of his many hobbies. I asked for a camera for my birthday, so I have my fingers crossed :) then I can take all sorts of pics for the bloggy.

Your pics are always awesome so I gotta agree that Nikon is hot!


Anonymous said...

Karin, your work is beautiful, I also admire the photography!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add Karin, how appreciative I am that you sent me this pattern ~ along with all the thread! I am starting this weekend and can't wait. To see your progress is wonderful! The cross stitch I have for you "Australian Federation House" is very nice and I think you are going to do a magnificent job with it.

Karyn said...

Ann....thanks and you are so very welcome :)

I am so excited that you are sending it to me....thanks my friend :)


Carol said...

Hi Karyn! I saw your new post on the Fallen in Love with LHN site and decided to visit your blog. I can't believe you just began stitching in May--wow! Beautiful work :)

Karyn said...

Thanks, Carol, you make me feel so good :) I am just loving cross stitch, I can't seem to get enough of it :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and Welcome!


lenna said...

Karyn ~
I can't believe you have only been stitching since May. WOW!!!
You do incredible work. Your colors and stitches are perfect. Keep up the good work.
I have been stitching for almost 28 years and I dearly love it. I try to stitch a little everyday, or rather night and I seldom get tired of it. Let me know if you need any help.
My blog is ~ theflyingitchesneedle.blogspot.com come by and see me if you have time.
God Bless ~
I will follow you and keep track of you and be jealous.
Cheers ~

Karyn said...

OH Lenna....thank you, I am so honored as I have been to your blog and your work is amazing!

Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by my blog, welcome!

Hugs, friend :)

lynda said...

Karyn, your stitching is wonderful. I love the "Quilt Band Sampler"...the colors are so vibrant!
Beautiful work!

Karyn said...

Thanks, Lynda :) *blushing*

Welcome and thanks for visiting


Anonymous said...

Oh! I really like this one!!!