Monday, October 19, 2009

Call Me "Flossie"

I am thinking about changing my name.

This thought came to me earlier today, when upon realizing I must truly be bored out of my gourd, I found myself contemplating stitching floss, and my extreme love for anything hand dyed from the cotton floss family. How could I not be, what with names like "Baby Spinach," "Pixie Dust," and "Swampwater" to name a few. I am also quite broad in my brand choice, be it Crescent Colours, The Gentle Arts or Weeks Dye Works, I love them all.

Some days I take out my stash and just look at all the gorgeous colors, the pinks, purples, blues, greens and every color under the sun that cause my heart to sing and bring a smile to my lips. I even get giddy when it is time to chose floss for a new project, because to me it's all about the floss!

When I was a little girl, I can remember spending hours in the notions department of Woolworth's just going through the many colors of yarn, binding and ribbon that were displayed. Today I am brought right back to those times when I visit a cross stitch store, the thrill of standing in front of all those colors, just waiting for me to chose which one I cannot live without.

Perhaps it is the joy of knowing that as I wrought my canvas, each and every color will work together to bring about a story, or maybe it's the thrill of each addition of color and the ebb and flow of the combination of colors that speak of life to me, the bold reds, cool blues, soft pinks and woodsy browns. I just love floss, and to add to the colors are the names, amazing names as I mentioned above.

What is it that has me so drawn to floss, as so many of my friends are drawn to patterns.

I may never know the answer to that question, but I do know that I love love love you floss, kiss kiss kiss!

Please, call me Flossie!


Jennifer said...

I agree. I love the colors. Like eye candy at my LNS. Beautiful colors! I think color therapy really works for me.......
and then, the silks, I don't have many of those at all, because of the cost. But the ones I do, I just love to feel the softness.


Karyn said...

Oh you said it, color therapy, what a perfect term!

I have only a couple of silks for the same reason, but they are so very rich :)