Sunday, September 6, 2009

SAL Progress

I began stitching my Lady Thursday night, and by Saturday I found myself stitching at "full steam ahead" mode. This pattern is a dream and I find myself falling easily into a rhythm, which for me is a sign of a great project as I lose myself in deep thought while stitching.

I will continue to keep you posted, dear friend, on my progress.


Jennifer said...

She is looking Beautiful, girl!
The colors are so pretty that you chose too!
Isn't it funny how our deepest thoughts are when stitching but the rhythm of the needle keeps us grounded.


Karyn said...

Thanks, my friend, that means so much coming from you! Hugs :)

I agree! I love that feeling, as a "schedules" girl, I love the unchanging rhythm of a good project that just draws you in, and you are right totally grounds you.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! I adore the colours your have used!

Debi said...

This is already looking beautiful. I'm so happy that you have found something that brings you such joy.