Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Progress

On My Lady

Love her!



Jennifer said...

Boy, you have got alot of progress there, burning the needle!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!
Beautiful colors.

La Brodeuse brode said...

Wow, you are catching up on me....I'll show yo soon.
It looks very pretty!

Karyn said...

Thanks ladies, I am really enjoying this pattern!

Valerie....I cannot wait to see your progress :)


Anonymous said...

You are doing so so amazing! I am plugging along, slowly. Mostly because I had to rip some out, and then the weekend was busy for Sassy's birthday. I don't think I'll ever catch up, but I'm totally fine with that! Enjoy yourself and work at your pace and I'll get there! I'm not starting any new cross stitch until I finish this one! I love it! and I'm loving it even more now that I have repaired the mess I made out of it last week!

Karyn said...

:) Thanks.....I got a bit carried away...LOL