Monday, September 28, 2009

A Finish

I Finished "My Lady's Quaker," and I am really proud of it.
Next I will be starting her gentleman.


Anonymous said...

It looks so great, Karyn. You've done a wonderful job!

I feel badly that I'm trailing so far behind you! I'm working on it this morning! :)

Parsley said... are so talented. I hope you won't snicker and giggle when I show off my first project. LOL

Debi said...

Oh this is so lovely! I'm glad that you have found this hobby to suits you well.

Bizee Fingers said...

Wow Karyn, that SAL went by quick!! Congrats on a lovely finish! What are you going to do next??

Karyn said...

Thanks so much ladies :) You make me blush...this is my first finish, and my first SAL, as I am a "newish" stitcher.

Calico...oh now girl, you are doing great and 'member this is my only crafty have many going at once ;)

Parsely...never! I can't wait to see you learn and progress :) I just taught myself in May.

Debi...thanks, I do really enjoy it :) all the perty colors of the thread, I am like a kid with a new Barbie outfit

Bizee....I am working on the LHN Colonial Homes...halfway finished now, and I am going to the gentleman
that goes with the lady :)I will post a pic of him...he is dashing!

Hugs :)

Jennifer said...

hey that is so pretty!! Sorry I wasn't online at all last night and during work. I am just seeing it. It is truly beautiful, Karyn!

Devri said...

Good job lady!

I had to laugh, I was like.. hmm should I tell her she forgot ab and c,, then I looked again..

now you should tell me to wake up!

Karyn said... are too funny Devri...actually look close....the alphabet is missing a lower case letter....but which one? I still cannot figure out if the designer meant to leave it out or if it was a booboo :)

Grandma Teakettle's theory is that she did it so that the letters would fit in a nice 3 row patter.

Another stitcher in the SAL said that often, old colonial samplers left out the "j" and "v" since they were not in the original alphabet.

very interesting

Danielle said...

I found your blog through a comment yo left on Miss Jane's Stitching blog. The quaker turned out so great! I just love this one and look forward to seeing the Gentleman's Quaker.

Danielle said...

I just read your comment that this is your FIRST finish! WOW!!!! Fantastic. I hope you keep with it. I have been stitching since I was 15 and just love it.

La Brodeuse brode said...

I love it Karyn. The colors are beautiful.
Valerie cross stitch from France

Karyn said...

Thanks Valerie :) You make me blush.


COUSON said...

Hello Karyn your lady is wonderfull.Please can you tell me what sort of thread you used & their name .Thanksalot.Couson