Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I placed my order for this

and this
I am so excited!
I am going to make the heart necklace for Grandma Teakettle's birthday.....she is going to love it.
I am going to make the scissor fob for myself, so that I will not keep sitting on my scissors or misplacing my needle on the floor.....ouch!
I'll let you all know when my goodies arrive.



Parsley said...

It's always nice to get a little treat isn't it? Good for you and for Gram.

whitey said...

Need to check out their web site there are things in your pictures I missed seeing at the store!

Karyn said...

Parsley....thanks....yes mam it is nice, especially when the hubs give me the ok...LOL..even better!

Whitey....it's kinda fun to compare in-store with website, the only thing about the website is that I don't think you can order online, I placed my order over the phone.....the heart pendant is in the "Speherd's shop kits" section, and the scissor fob is in the "scissor fobs...." section. lemme know the difference...I am still envious because you not only get to visit in person but you live in Utah.

glemak said...

um - doesn't grandma teakettle visit the teakettle corner from time to time ;)

Karyn said...