Monday, August 10, 2009

Not So Scary

I have officially begun my new Bee Fob project, and I am finding that I'm really enjoying stitching on linen (32 ct ivory), and looking back, allowing myself to be so freaked out about the whole advancing beyond Aida, seems very silly.
I discovered a wonderful tutorial that had many hints about stitching on linen, and I am really proud of my achievement!



Parsley said...

Good for you! I wish I had the patience to do that type of project. I get a little too compulsive over mistakes. LOL

Bizee Fingers said...

Looks Fob-ulous!! Im like you, I was always leary about trying linen, and now love it!

Karyn said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs :)

Parsley.....I do too, and it has hepled me mellow a bit, however I am a stitch ripper LOL

Bizee....I was so, love, love it....and the funny thing is it's so much more forgiving than canvas :) Welcome new friend, and thanks for following me :P

Jennifer said...

This looks SO GOOD!!!! you are doing really well on linen here.
I think that linen is fun but still find 1 over 1 a bit challenging.
You'll find you probably won't go back to Aida now.....honestly, you'll love working with linen. Its addictive.

Karyn said...

Jennifer.....Oh make me feel sooo good, I was really nervous, but this is so typical of me....jump in with both feet first, panic, then just do motto...go big or go home...and the funny thing is that I feel like I just graduated from the kid's table to the grown ups table now that I have done linen....ROFL :)