Friday, August 21, 2009

Mother Of Pearl!

I have a rather dumb question for my cross stitching girls, but for the life of me I cannot figure this out.

How do I figure out the proper canvas size for a project. I found a conversion chart, but I made myself dizzy trying to "get it." Also, once I started to read about canvas sizes I realized that needle size matters too! I am excited about starting to work on linen, but I am worried because I think I may have ordered a canvas for my LHN project that will be too small for work and framing, and would you believe that there is not one cross stitch supply store within 100 miles of me? So, since I need to order all my supplies on line, I will just cry if I wait two weeks for a canvas and it is the wrong size.

Yes, I will bawl like a small child who just dropped her ice cream cone on her new shoes.

This is the conversion chart I used:
Thanks, girls :)

I think I need chocolate!



  1. Gah, I wish I knew! I'm sorry! Hope you find your answer very soon!

  2. BTW---that was me, Calico Prairie--Sky is signed in and I guess I didn't realize it! LOL

  3. Ahhh thanks Sky, I'll figure it out and then we will both know :)

  4. ROFL! I thought, wow! she is growing up! Too funny ;)

  5. Hope you figure it out dear. The projects you have been doing are so pretty.

    Wow.......I thought that was SKY too, blogging already. LOL

  6. Thanks GG...the other sad thing is that I look at a project and go wow! 145 X 255 that would be perfect for "that wall" and that ends up the number of stitiches LOL the finished piece fits in a 5 X 7 frame :)

  7. I used to do a lot of my own graphing mostly old family homes and it was always surprise to me in the end to see what size they would be,,, never smart enough to figure it out. Thanks for your comment about my garden the little mini me is a granddaughter her Mom's blog is on my side bar called *sunshine boogers and juicy kisses* she should be posting her nursery makeover soon hope you check it out she has done some fun things.

  8. Awesome, thanks Whitey...going to look now :)

  9. Whew....I think the Linen I ordered is the right size, so the conversion chart worked I do believe. I will post my kaboodle tomorrow before I begin to stitch :)


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