Sunday, August 16, 2009

Berry Delicious

Yesterday, Pa and I took a trip to our local Costco, which I must admit is one of my "happy places." I love everything about our Costco, from the very friendly sample folks, to the clean and organized atmosphere, but my most favorite thing about a trip to Costco is of course that amazing very berry frozen yogurt sundae. I will forgo any meal, if it means that I can enjoy my vanilla frozen yogurt topped with sweet and juicy berry sauce, my mouth waters just thinking about it.
As always happens, when I love something yummy, I begin to think about the possibility of recreating it at home. I have never been able to really find the proper berrys and always found it odd that they never carried them at my store, after all they must be Kirkland brand, as everything else they serve is. Well, yesterday as I was perusing the frozen foods aisle, I discovered a bag of Kirkland mixed berries. Below is my version of Costco's very berry sundae topping.

3 cups of Kirkland frozen berry medley
1/4 cup granulated sugar

This berry topping recipe makes about 2 cups of fruit topping.
Place frozen fruit in a medium sauce pan and pour sugar over the top.
Heat pan on medium-high heat and stir to mix the sugar in with the fruit.
The berries will release juice.
Stir often so mixture does not burn.
Reduce heat.
Simmer until juice thickens and fruit cooks.
Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Once cooled, pour over frozen yogurt or ice cream and enjoy!



whitey said...

Looks so refreshing!

Karyn said...

I made some earlier to go on ice cream tonight, while we watch the season premier of Mad Men...come on over for some dessert :) I made plenty!

Donna B said...

That looks positively yummy!

Karyn said...

LOL :)