Thursday, December 18, 2008

Someone Needs A Spankin'

I rarely post about current events, well not since that whole pesky presidential election business, but as I was watching GMA this morning I hear that Drew Peterson is engaged! For those who forgot who this charming gent is, note the sarcasm, click on his name. So, it turns out he just became engaged to a 23 year old gal, and let's be serious here and ask the "Dr. Phil" question, "Are you kidding me? What part of suspect don't you get?" and of course we must also ask, "Where is this little chicks mama and why hasn't she given her the spankin' of her life.....well shoot!" I am curious if there are Darwin awards for women who marry men whose, much younger, wives seem to serially die or disappear. "Honey, what are ya thinking and where is your mama!?" Ok, stepping off the soap box, I find this truly disturbing, and I still think someone needs a spankin'


homeschoolmom4 said...

That is indeed disturbing to say the least.

Karyn said...

i know....on so many levels! we just gotta pray for this young gal.