Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Christmas Letter

The holiday season arrives each year and greets us all with a sense of renewed energy and spirit, and a sense of hope for the future as we know that our Savior's birth is just around the corner. Sadly, many of us find ourselves confronting the arrival of two very frightening Christmas traditions, one is the annual fruitcake and the other is the annual Christmas letter. Both of them leave me breathless with fear and agitation. Unfortunately, like the cat, I am seized with curiosity , which is mixed with the glimmer of hope that just maybe, this once, both the fruitcake and the letter will be something other than tasteless. We have, each one of us received these letters, it's an unavoidable fact of life like death and taxes. But, I must ponder, why these letters are so annoying to so many. I can't tell you how many times I have heard a friend say, "Ugh a Christmas letter." It seems we all get the same generic letter filled with the joys and excesses of a family too caught up in their own lives to stop and see that most of what they are writing is of severe importance only to them. No mention is made of the mutual friend suffering from cancer or the sadness we experienced over another friend's mother's passing during this past year. I am as thrilled as anyone that little Missy is head of her sorority and that sweet Muffy is the team captain of every sport, and of course Dear Hubby has made another million. I jump with joy to hear that my dear friend has traveled to Europe where she discovered a designer who makes dresses for her size 4 frame at age 50. God bless them all and their perfect life, unfortunately no one truly believes that the days of wine and roses really exists for anyone, and most especially not in these days of intense fears for our country's future. So, friends as you read this post please understand that I am in no way bitter or less than thrilled to hear of a friends accomplishments and joyous occasions but we all tire of those that seem to carry on once a year with never a note or inquiry for the remaining 11 months, and the silent response from notes that have been sent. So, please, if you are "that" friend of mine who sends me "that" letter from a small town down south, it's alright with me if you stop now, as I have not seen you in over 10 years and I too have a wonderful relationship with our Lord and savior so it is not necessary to encourage me to follow your lead, and in closing I must admit that I have long ago forgotten the name of your dog. Thanks for indulging me with a rant, I do feel so much better. Please, Dear Lord, let me not receive a letter next year....amen.

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Laurie said...

Oh so true! You put it rather nicely, too!

I do get a Christmas poem from my co-worker. She writes a different one every year, but it's not about herself or her family. I like receiving that one!