Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Look very closely at the picture, do you see the price? Here's how it all began: Pa Teakettle: "I think we need new pots and pans in the up yonder house." Ma Teakettle: "Well, OK! Let's start looking." Being that Ma is not one to overlook an opportunity to shop, especially with Pa's encouragement spicing up the deal, off she went to the mall. After researching her options, Ma narrowed the choices down to a few, all of which were found at Macy's. The following weekend she and Pa went back to Macy's and decided on a set, but as is Ma and Pa's way, they wanted to think on it a bit. The set was currently on sale but would remain at the sale price for several more weeks, so they decided to purchase one flat griddle pan to test the quality before they jumped in with both feet to a whole set. They realized that not only was the pan a gem to cook on, but it washed up like a dream, and at the sale price of $99 for 10 pieces, they knew they couldn't pass it up. Several weeks went by, and things got busy as they always do in the Teakettle house, pots and pans were forgotten. Then came Thanksgiving and the stomach flu, another week went by and by that time Ma realized that she needed to get on over to Macy's and buy those pots and pans. Yesterday when Ma arrived at Macy's, to her delight the sign now read $69.99 for the 10 piece set. Ma put on her glasses to make sure that she was not reading the sign wrong, and the numbers didn't change. "Oh My Word," she exclaimed, and off she went to the register with the box of pots and pans. Savoring her victory, Ma waited in line until it was her turn to pay. As she handed over the box a small smile curled the corner of her lips, knowing that she had both completed a task and saved her man money. So, it was with a feeling of dismay that she heard the sales lady say "That will be $105.80." "What?!" Ma replied, "The sign says they are on sale for $69.99." The sales lady raised an eyebrow and looked at Ma Teakettle, who was raising two eyebrows, and a small stand off began, both women staring at each other intent on protecting their jobs, Ma to save Pa money whenever possible and the sales lady to keep the money coming in. The person next in line coughed and a small child pulled at her mother's arm, but the stand off went on, until the sales lady, realizing Ma was not going to back down exclaimed "Show me the sign." Determined to not be the victim of bait and switch Ma escorted the sales lady to the display and showed her the sign, there was no denying that it did indeed read $69.99. The sales lady asked for her manager, who promptly came out from her office and, after taking a look at the sign and assuring herself that it was indeed intended for the pots and pans that Ma was purchasing, exclaimed "Shoot! That was the Black Friday sales price, someone forgot to take down the sign, they are actually back to $99." Ma counted to 10, smiled sweetly, and exclaimed "You have to give me that price, it's displayed and advertised and that was your mistake, otherwise it's bait and switch." And as the light went on in both the sales lady's and her managers brain, the reality sunk in, they had just made Ma's day. She paid her $69.99 and as her heart skipped to the happy dance going on in her mind, Ma remembered the young pregnant woman who had been looking at the pots and pans beside her, and had observed her triumphant purchase. Ma smiled at the sales ladies and said as sweetly as she could, "Oh, and she gets the $69.99 price too." The young mom looked at Ma and smiled and Ma winked back, then walked away knowing that she had just passed on the secret to a one income family's success to the next generation. The box of pots and pans now sits proudly, with the receipt, on the Teakettle's dining room table waiting to go to the up yonder house this weekend. Here's the breakdown, the 10 piece Martha Stewart non stick aluminum pots and pans were originally priced at $149.99, but had been on sale for $99, until Black Friday when they went down to $69.99. So Ma purchased her needed item for more than 50% off! I think Pa Teakettle should take her out to dinner with the money she saved to celebrate this victory. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and his name is Mr. Macy ")


Love His Name said...

What an incredible blessing my friend. I miss talking to you. Enjoy your new purchase and enjoy the dinner!

Donna said...

Enjoy the new pots and pans. And enjoy them more knowing that you were blessed to get them at a awesome price.

And you blessed another young mom and taught her a valuable lesson too.

Ronda said...

What a blessing. I hope you will truly enjoy them.
Love & Prayers,