Friday, December 12, 2008


This morning, as I was saying goodbye to Little Brother, as he left for school, I realized something. We have become a nation of acronyms. "What do I mean?" you ask, well let me explain. Upon awakening and greeting "DS" this morning I said my usual Friday shout out.... "TGIF!" to which he replies "TGIF!" When he arrives at school he will text me "GHF" to which I will reply "HAGD." I will then begin my day, in which I will head out to the "GYM" in my "CAR" watching my "RPG's" so as not to be stopped by a "COP." Upon finishing, I will then head home to a chat with friends, where the real fun begins, because I will first say "GM" followed by "BRB," as I take my shower. When I am finished I will hear all about the chats going on and the bits of "TMI" we all throw out to the replies of "OMW." Being that we are women we tend to topic jump, so you will see a lot of "BTW," and at some point we will all be "ROFL" and hopefully not end up "LSHIP," because, after all we are women of some age. When we finish our chat, I will do my "HW" and watch my "TV," while folding laundry. I will wait to hear the sound on my phone indicating that Little Brother is either leaving school or staying for an activity, and I will see either "BHS" or "SFD" to which I will reply "OK" "HF BS." I will then spend the afternoon hanging with the DS, until it's time to to begin preparing dinner, at which point I will send a text to asking for "DH's" "ETA" to which he usually replies a time and asks the most important question, "What's for dinner?" I of course reply and add an "LOL JT BS." As the day draws to a close we can't forget Big Brother, away in college, so we get out our phone, and not wanting to disturb "DS's" studies by ringing him, we send him a text that says "HGI?" and to which he replies, "LOL, good, THX." We say goodnight to each other, "DH" to "DW" and "DS" to "DS", and off we go to sleep, hoping for a "GNS" and "SD's." Funny isn't it? Only a few years ago I had no idea what a "BFF" or a "LOL" was, but I sure do now and I could never go back to spelling it all out, "OMW NW." "LOL" Now, I "G2G", so that I can get to the GYM in time to watch GMA ") but I'll "BBL" "KWIM?"


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, alls I can say to that is.....LOL!

Donna said...


Karyn said...

hey speaking of BFF's....LOL ")

Ginger said...

Aww this post made me all teary eyed. I miss those chats like crazy. I can not think of a good one for you as you did all the ones I already know, maybe btdt btt?

Ronda said...

OMG (gosh that is), 4COL! This was just way to funny. BTW, DQMOT but DUJHIW someone uses acronyms that are hard to figure out? IAC this was way to much fun.
In case ur like me and some are hard to fiqure out, here's what these mean.
OMG = my gosh
4COL=for crying out loud
BTW+by the way
DQMOT=don't quote me on this
DUJHIW=don't you just hate it when
IAC=in any case

I found a website over a year ago that has just tons and tons of these things listed.
Here's the web address:

Karyn, this was a fantastic post.
THNX4TL=thanks for the laugh.
Love & Prayers,

GrammyGoo said...

Kreyn cute post.
Ronda........Wow, am I going to be an expert now. No more being left behind as everyone is rofltbo.