Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Slice Of Heaven

We heard about it Sunday, and we couldn't believe it. Debi told us the story, but could it be real? A darling hubbie goes shopping with his wife and impulsively buys her two household appliances. Who has ever heard of such a thing, no researching and budgeting first, no questions such as "Are you sure you need a new one, your old one only catches on fire occasionally." But, alas, it was and is true, my friend Debi is now the proud owner of a new Food Processor and Convection Oven. Well, after the initial "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" we all asked that important question, "What are ya gonna make in it first?" She winked at us with a twinkle in her eye and said "It's a surprise." Well, being that I am privy to the first pictures of the finished product....feast your eyes on Debi's delicious, fresh from the oven, Autumn Squash Pie. Isn't she a beauty, made from fresh squash processed in the new Big Mouth Food Processor and baked with love in the new Euro Pro Convection Oven, a slice of heaven. Enjoy your new appliances Deb, and long may they run. Your friends salute you, and your darling hubby too.


Ronda said...

OOOOO, that pie looks so yummy. Congrats to ur friend Debi. what a blessed woman she is.
Love & Prayers,

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, wow! I want one of those some day.