Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Thought I Heard A Romulan

Or perhaps it was a Vulcan, but as I walked through the house with my morning coffee in hand I heard an unmistakable sound, and one that could only come from a high speed, faster than light Federation Star fleet ship. I found myself pausing for a moment as I listened and then asked "Is that Star Trek you're watching?" and to my surprise I heard Pa reply, "It's the trailer for the new Star Trek movie." I stood rooted to the spot as I pondered such a surprise and a million questions went through my mind, as the reality hit me, that my long silenced "Trekkie" was once again gonna have her day. Most of us can name our favorite Star Trek episode, of course mine was "Mudd's Women" the episode in which Captain Kirk and his crew, upon stopping a vessel in space find a very odd captain and a very strange cargo. The captain of the vessel is Harcourt Fenton Mudd - known as Harry to his friends - and the cargo are three lovely women he is transporting as brides for lonely men on distant planets. Kirk has a major problem, while trying to rescue Mudd and his women from his disintegrating ship the Enterprise's lithium crystals (used to power the engines) are destroyed. They are forced to travel to a nearby mining colony where Harry sets about attempting to arrange marriages for the women, all the while interfering with Kirk's plan to buy the crystals. As the ship's orbit is continuing to deteriorate, it risks burning up in the atmosphere. I wanted to be one of those beautiful women in their bright colored outfits with long flowing hair, and as I watched I felt myself transported into their world, and I knew anything was possible. We spent many hours in the back yards of our homes playing Star Trek. That was the magic of every generation of Star Trek, from the original to the most recent, the ability to look into the future (2036) and see what our world and beyond would be like, or so we truly believed. We were a generation that was facing many challenges from the threat of global nuclear disaster and presidential assassinations to the changing roles of women and family traditions. Our world was changing and we were too, but the one thing that we could depend on was the altruistic crew of the USS Enterprise, who along with their fearless Captain James T. Kirk, we knew that no matter what was happening in our world, they were out there somewhere fighting for freedom for many and peace for all. And so it was with great anticipation that we tuned in to each episode and discovered where we were transported to, not just another place and another time, but to the possibility that good would prevail over evil, and that our future looked bright. We looked ahead to a future in which we were encouraged to "Live long and prosper." And I like to think, as I watch my kids enjoy this generation of Star Trek episodes, that we have. So here's to April 2009 and the newest Star Trek movie, the Teakettle clan can't wait!


Prairiehomemaker said...

Neither can this clan!
Though I have no memory of Star Trek as a kid (and I believe i am oldernyou) my Beloved made certain i was well indoctrinated shortly after we wed.
We are also looking forward to opening day tickets, we hope!

Donna said...

Sweet! I new Star Trek Movie. This was off my radar. DH and I can't wait.

GrammyGoo said...

I love Star Trek........Had the biggest crush on Captin Kirk
and Scottie!!!!
Hugs, GG

MoiraKris said...

I seen the trailer for it the other day, and let me just say I got goosebumps!!