Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A 1952 Menu Monday on Tuesday

Menu Plan Monday Circa 1952
Breakfast 1. Orange juice, sauteed eggs and bacon, cinnamon toast 2. Apple juice, sausage-meat cakes, popovers, jelly. 3. Chilled grapefruit, waffles, honey cream 4. Sliced peaches, omelet or scrambled eggs, drop biscuits, marmalade 5. Tomato juice, French toast with applesauce Lunch 1. Broiled hamburger sandwiches, wilted lettuce, canned or stewed fruit 2. Cold sliced ham, hot potato salad, toast, applesauce 3. Pan-fried fish, broiled potatoes, tossed green salad with french dressing, muffins, grapefruit jelly 4. Chili con carne, creamed spinach, sweet muffins with nuts 5. French ham toast, avocado on lettuce with french dressing, gingersnaps Dinner 1. Meat balls with spaghetti, green peas, sliced oranges, peanut-butter cookies 2. Pigs in blankets, baked tomatoes with cheese, banana sherbet, butterscotch brownies 3. Salmon in casserole with potato chip topping, green salad with french dressing, lemon milk sherbet, chocolate-chip drop cookies 4. Eggplant filled with leftover foods, boiled carrots, hot rolls, preserves, quick method white cake with lemon icing 5. Pork chops with scalloped potatoes, french bread, harvard beets, apple crunch Above is a list of actual menu items that housewives in 1952 would have planned for their families for the week. The war was over and aluminum was no longer a needed commodity, so women were encouraged to wrap all leftovers in aluminum foil! Menu Ideas A Cookbook for Girls and Boys, Irma S. Rombauer

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Patricia Miller said...

YIKES! Those are all full-course meals! It sounds as though the better part of the day would be taken up with cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. Where would a 1952 housewife find time to do laundry, housecleaning, errands, etc.?