Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pa Ingalls For President

Here's the question....If you could chose one person, male or female, dead or alive, to be elected president on November 4th, who would it be? Well, the title gives my answer away. Now, I had considered a few other possibilities, for instance John Adams who is, to this day, still considered the most influential Founding Father. And, as we all know, without him we would not have the Declaration of Independence, as he was a most persuasive man, encouraging Congress to adopt it. The only problem with John Adams is that we would first have to stop him from turning over in his grave in horror to see what a mess the country is in, not to mention the word partisan. So, my next choice would have been Dolly Madison, who as we all know was the wife of the 4th president, James Madison and a wonderful host, a contributing factor to the snack cake company named after her. What may not be known is that she was considered a most gracious "first lady" to Thomas Jefferson as well, as he was a widower. She was known for being ready to step into the first lady role at a moment's notice for ceremonial purposes. She and Sarah Palin would get along famously as it was said that Dolly Madison was a staunch supporter of our soldiers fight for freedom and even slept with a saber under her mattress. But then again, I don't think we are ready for a double woman ticket. So, who came to mind next? Well Pa Ingalls of course! What we know of Pa Ingalls comes primarily from the "Little House" series of books, but it is well known that he was a man of great strength, who possessed a strong sense of right and wrong. He believed that life was sacred and choices could have consequences. He was a loving father dedicated to his family, as well as a faithful servant of God and state, and gave his best to the people of Hero Township. He worked hard, stayed honest and always made it his mission to put the needs of the family before his own. He hid nothing and had nothing to hide, he was as honest as the day was long. He believed in cash on the barrel, baths on Saturday and church every Sunday, come rain, sleet, hail or snow storm. And speaking of snow storms, we know from multiple stories that if one of his own were lost on the prairie in a snowstorm he would grab Mr. Edwards, and his snow shoes and look until he found them. Pa Ingalls was a loving husband, he never took Ma for granted and tried daily to make her life easier, and she in turn loved him with all of her heart. Together they watched their family grow and survive through good times and bad, sickness and health, and life and death. I think Ma Ingalls would make a lovely first lady, and I hear her corn bread from the hearth was fabulous. So, it is with great honor that I nominate Pa Ingalls for President, and with that I also nominate Mr. Edwards for Vice President, because it's always good to have a guy on board who can make a tent out of a moose's pelt and eating utensils out of a wagon wheel. And as I write this post, a song comes to mind, one long buried since childhood, Make way for ole Dan Tucker, He's too late to get his supper, Supper's over and dinner's Cookin' But ole Dan Tucker just stands there lookin'........


  1. Cute post...Pa would definitely have my vote!

  2. I was kind of thinking along the lines of Jed Clampett too!


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