Saturday, September 20, 2008

My New Organic Passion

I have discovered something new. I must admit, this comes as a bit of a surprise as I consider myself a multi-generational organic princess. You see my great-grandmother came from a very small village in Russia, one that no longer exists on any modern map, but a farming village all the same. My grandmothers were both natural beauties who stuck to a chemical free regime, even before anyone knew there were chemicals in beauty products. My maternal grandmother taught me a lesson at a very young age that has carried me well in my mid forties, and that is this "Nothing should ever touch your face, other than the soft touch of a child's hand and Pond's cleansing cream," and I remain a dedicated Pond's girl. My mom is the quintessential organics princess. Everyone goes to her for our gardening questions, including the wizened women in her local gardening club. My mom has always been dedicated to the philosophy "Leave this planet with as much preserved for future generations." She uses only organics in her gardens and small crops, and she has always been an environmental advocate who loves her Mother Earth. So, you can see how I would have grown up with these tools of knowledge and wonderful examples around me, as well as a whole library of everything natural and organic. But alas, I was not aware of another woman, who was trying her best to follow the same philosophy as Mom, and actually turned it into a thriving business teaching other women how to live this way too. Her name is Mary Jane Butters and she has been an organic and natural farmer, syndicated columnist and author, and all around guru. She is the everyday organics queen and has a long list of princess followers, who flock to her farm to enjoy visits with Mary Jane, classes galore and a bed & breakfast like no other. You might even think of her as Martha Stewart meets Mother Earth, that is if Martha were a lot sweeter, to begin with. I stumbled upon her magazine one day when I was visiting a friend's stand at our local farmer's market. It was just sitting on her chair while she sold her homemade candles and soaps. I decided to sit a spell and so I picked up the magazine and began to read it, I couldn't put it down, and in fact i even asked to borrow it. The next day I placed a subscription order for myself, my mom and my sister ( but don't tell her as it's her birthday present). I love my Mary Jane's Farm magazine, I read it from cover to cover, and I learn a lot. And the best part, as mom pointed out, is that there are very few ads, and the ones that are in there are for organic products. The only problem with the magazine is that my mailman now thinks I am a marijuana farmer, but that's cool as my mailman and our family go way back. So, now that I have babbled for many paragraphs about my newest organic passion let me share with everyone the website for Mary Jane Check it out, cruise around the site and be amazed by her, i know I was. Oh, and that gorgeous gray haired lady with the braids on the website, that is Mary Jane herself, an inspiration to us all.

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