Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Well Stocked Pantry

I did it! I finally cleaned and organized my pantry. It wasn't easy as I was attempting to convert my pantry into an everyday pantry that rotates around a stockpiling rotation system. Huh? I know it sounds odd but let me explain. I have been reading and thinking a lot about the economy and after talking to my friends, who are also concerned, I have learned a lot about stockpiling. I have never really put much effort into emergency preparedness, which is not very practical for someone who grew up in earthquake country and survived a natural disaster. The thing that always seemed to stop me was the idea that I would be spending money on food that may never be used and might expire before my disaster hit. But then I started thinking that hard times don't always arrive with a large explosion or damaging weather, they can and do arrive without warning in the form of sickness, job loss, or a failing economic system. So I spent this weekend going through my pantry weeding out foods, those that I ask myself..."What was I thinking we'll never eat that." which I have set aside to donate to the food pantry, and those that I am embarrassed to say expired before I ever used them. I then arranged my pantry items into categories and designated a shelf to each one. I then placed the items that could be used together in a general area...for example I made an area for all of my Italian meal products and Mexican meal products. Next, I organized my pantry items front to back by expiration date. I did this to allow myself to not only identify when I need to restock an item, but also so that I never again have to worry about an item expiring before I use it. I am going to try to keep a 3 month supply on hand at all times. I have been purchasing items as they go on sale, and I am pretty well stocked. I put a small white board right outside the pantry so that I can jot down items that need to be purchased and replaced. I did learn a thing or two in this process, the first being that it is important to keep an organized pantry so that you neither run out of or overbuy food , and second, that even though pasta is on sale 10 boxes for 10 dollars over a 2 week period, that doesn't mean that you have keep buying it. Here's my pictures:

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curt504 said...

Thanks for some helpful suggestions on organization. Just a comment that your choice of light green font is impossible to read. I had to highlight to read in reverse video.