Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Mother's Day Ever

I had an awesome Mother's Day. To begin, both my mom and my mother in law loved the gifts we sent them for Mother's Day, and that warmed my heart. Everyone is happy and healthy and looking ahead to summer and our family cruise. After church I was taken out for a wonderful breakfast at IHOP by Sean and Ian, we had a great time catching up and laughing. We didn't even mind the wait! When we returned home i did nothing but relax on the couch with my favorite quilt and watched TV, it was a Roloff family marathon, what could be better and I even took a nap. Gaby arrived towards afternoon and the kids headed out to the grocery store for a surprise Mother's Day Dinner. They worked hard, as a team, and the results were overwhelming. They set the patio table with my favorite fiestaware dishes and fresh baby roses and a beautiful menu of the courses to come.
The Menu: Caesar Salad Gigantoni ala Pesto Carpanzano Chicken Breast Marsala Stuffed with Fontina Cheese and Prosciuto Pina Colada Cake
It was the yummiest dinner I have ever eaten, and they did everything, with my sweet Gaby in charge of the production. I was overwhelmed, to say the least, they even had fancy wine glasses and sparkling cider. The food was superb and the company even better. The only one missing was Dad, as he had to be out of town on business, but he had dinner with my mom and aunt. I have the most amazing kids. I love them to bits and I know they love me. As I opened the last of my presents and saw how they each picked a treat for me that they knew I would love, I said to them, "This was the best Mother's Day ever." and Sean replied with a chuckle, "Mom, you say that ever year!" Yes, Yes I do, because every Mother's Day is the best Mother's Day ever. Thank you babies for a beautiful day filled with blessings and memories....I love you all. Mom

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