Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Anniversary Dinner

Last night I was given the golden opportunity to prepare and serve an anniversary dinner which was planned and organized by my 18 year old son. It wasn't celebrating my anniversary, it was celebrating his. My amazing son has been dating the same wonderful girl for the past four years, since their freshman year in high-school. Now I know that mom's who know me will ask two important questions...aren't they too young? and is she Catholic? The answer to the first is actually no, they are two very level headed and mature individuals who were both raised with good morals and close family values, and, yes she is Catholic and very proud of it. The menu was planned well ahead of time by my son from his college dorm room. He found, researched and then e-mailed me his menu choices. Together we shopped for and prepared the ingredients and set the table to resemble a fancy restaurant, including my good china, crystal stemware, napkins and flowers. Each place was set to perfection and included a beautiful menu created and printed by him. He was so excited and I was so excited for him. He told his girlfriend that he would pick her up and they would be going to a very special restaurant for a very special dinner. As they left her house he told her that he had forgotten his wallet and would need to go home before driving to the restaurant. When they arrived at our house he told her that she had to come in with him, and, being the easy going girl she is, she complied. Upon entering the house my son told her she actually had a surprise and it was on the dinner table. When she looked on the table there was a small sign which told her that this was her surprise, a wonderful dinner for two, a bouquet of red roses and her favorite perfume. She was so excited and the look on her face spoke volumes. It showed surprise, wonderment and love. It said I feel special because I am special and the boy who did this, did it for me and only me. My darling hubby took pictures and we both smiled, remembering our own early years together. The dinner went beyond my son's expectations, the food was superb and the company even better. As I cooked and played waitress I reflected back on when they were just tiny kids, playing and growing, and worrying about who had the better Pokemon card. And I realized two things. First, they are no longer little ones, they are both attending college, my son in another state and his girlfriend closer to home, and second, that they are very much in love and very happy to have found each other. I know that it is not easy to find your better half in this world and it is every mother's wish for her child to find true love, for that is a blessing beyond compare. I am so proud of these two kids, and I am even more proud to be the mother of such an amazing man. Full photo set is here.
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The Menu: Clam Stuffed Mushroom Caps Filet Mignon with Pinot Noir Mushroom Sauce Hasselback Potatoes Green Beans with Toasted Pine Nuts and Shallots Individual Strawberry Trifles Faux Champagne My boy has good taste :)


Jaime said...

Thank you so much for sharing the anniversary dinner story with us. They sound like a wonderful young couple :) The dinner sounded delicious as well :)

Beth said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I'd say he has a great appreciation for his mom and her cooking too. ;)

Donna said...

Wonderful dinner and thank you for sharing your story!

BTW you have been tagged!