Sunday, February 10, 2008

Talking 'bout My Generation

I was thinking about the women of my generation. If you watch the news, or any local television station these days, you would believe that the women of my generation are in trouble. It would seem that we are either desperate housewives, a mafia of cashmere wearing divas, or lost in the city or the lipstick jungle. You might even start to feel that our world is doomed and the traditional family is falling apart or non-existent. Well, rest assured that neither is the case. I happen to be a very lucky woman, as I happen to be friends with the women of my generation who are working very hard to maintain the traditional family values for themselves, their spouses and their children. There are women, like myself and my mom before me, who find value and happiness in the art of raising children and maintaining a home, many while maintaining full time jobs, and are instilling these values in their children as well. I am blessed to have a husband who values me and my role as wife and mother and has always worked hard and provided for and encouraged me to stay home and raise our children. But I am not alone, all you have to do is visit with my friends for a few moments, to taste their daily recipes, or hear about their children's achievements or even join them to count their blessings at the birth of yet another baby or grandbaby. These are women who quietly and proudly believe that traditional values and goals are not a concept, but rather a goal and an everyday role. These women are working, teaching, sewing, cooking, mending booboos and broken hearts, and lifting up their hearts to the values of Faith and Grace. Many do this around long work hours and high-powered jobs. How do they do this? They have the power of commitment and hard work and they are blessed with friendships with other women who maintain the same values....birds of a feather, they say. It seems that this value system is like a snow ball and the more women who join, the bigger it gets. We believe that it doesn't really require a whole village to raise a child if that child is being raised at home with values and Faith. Look at my hero Kate Gosling, she's one mom raising her own village of eight little young ones and doing a great job, and she's the first one to tell you she couldn't do it without Faith! So maybe the goal of my generation of women should not be focused on how to become the CEO of a large corporation, but rather to maintain this role at home, raising our children ourselves and teaching our sons and daughters to have Faith and Grace. So, the next time you turn on the television and start to feel like a desperate housewife because the presidential candidates are slinging mud, again, or children are missing or another teen icon is pregnant or on drugs....take a minute to visit with some of my friends on my blogroll, and then take a deep breath and have Faith, because in the end the women of my generation are working hard to maintain family values and traditions, and each one is filled with Grace, enough for everyone.

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Donna said...

Wonderfully said!