Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Refrigerator That Couldn't

I love my refrigerator, not because it's all that or anything, but rather because it's inside my house. Let me explain. For the last 4 months I have been without a working indoor refrigerator...why? You may ask...well it all began when my 3 year old fridge started having issues, inconsistent cooling and then no cooling at all. It finally breathed it's last breath on Christmas morning, just as I put the last prepared dish for our Christmas dinner inside. And so began the dark days of hauling food in and out of the garage refrigerator, now this may seem like nothing, but it gets down to about zero degrees in the winter in my garage. But we soldiered on and in fact I can say that I am now able to carry so many items at once in my arms that I would make Rachel Ray proud! Throughout this time my appliance specialist, Jim, who can fix anything, made many visits, he worked on that fridge and never complained, even after the 7th visit, and still it couldn't pull it's weight. On the last day of Jim's many visits he declared that it just couldn't be saved, and in fact the model was known to have this issue...I was bummed, as I didn't want a new refrigerator, I wanted this one. It was every foodies dream....all fridge, no freezer, stainless steel and lots of storage space. Jim smiled his knowing smile and said " I have good news, you qualify for a new version of your fridge, it's still under contract with the manufacturer." I was shocked, I was thrilled, I think I hugged Jim. "No Way!" I said, and he replied "Yep". Well it's 2 weeks later and my new refrigerator arrived on Thursday. Yesterday I moved the items from the garage fridge to the new one in my kitchen. This morning as I poured my coffee and looked at the outside temp., instead of feeling the sadness of having to go out to the garage in the cold, I walked over to my new refrigerator and grabbed my cream....and I was warm. Thanks, Jim and thanks Whirlpool, you really came through for this satisfied foodie!

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