Thursday, January 31, 2008

Best Laid Plans

I was all set to prepare my shepherd's pie for dinner last night, and I was informed that my younger son, Ian, was going to watch his High School's hockey game with his friends and he would grab something to eat at the rink's snack stand. My hubby wasn't feeling well and he really just wanted soup. It seemed silly to make it just for me, so I had left overs....yummy and economical. So there sat the ingredients for a wonderful dinner....I even remembered to thaw my ground meat. But I suppose that's what being the mother of teenagers is all about. I remember when my kids were little and they would ask "What's for dinner tonite?" and i would hear "Oh yum!" when i would tell them...and then we would settle in for an afternoon of Play-do and Power Rangers. But those days are gone and replaced by friends and sporting events....but would I ask for anything different for my boys? No way, because although it makes me a little sad to see them eager to head out the door with would make me even sadder to see them sitting at home with only me for a friend. So, tonite we will have shepherd's pie and we will all enjoy it, knowing that these times together are going to become more and more rare, but no less special. And so goes the best laid plans of mice, men and mothers.

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