Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time's Up...

Good Thursday morning, dear friend!

I finished the first 10 hour Rotation and even though I didn't quite catch up to the "Quaker Village" SAL ladies, I did make awesome progress...

I considered continuing past the 10 hour limit, since all that remained was the border on the left (between the flower and the house), but I remained steadfast and stopped. I am still enjoying this WIP so much that I kind of hated to put it down.

Next in the Rotation is my Focus Piece, which will be the May Smalls for my Dough Bowl, and since the first Smalls SAL check in date is in just a couple of weeks, I need to make more time for sitting and stitching than I have been.

Next Up...
I also finished my 2017 WIPocalypse List organizing and kitting, though it has taken me two weeks to finish...but it's done!

First Up is my 2017 WIPocalypse bin...

Each WIP is kitted up in a Jumbo ZipLoc bag, ready and waiting for me to choose what comes next in the Screaming Rotation, and pull it out.

Each Jumbo ZipLoc WIP bag is all kitted up with Chart, Fabric and Floss...

A peek inside of the ZipLoc...

Each WIP is ready to go...when it's turn comes up...with the floss bagged and tagged!

I like to keep my floss in bags on a ring while I am stitching, and each bag is tagged with its' name or number to make it faster and easier to find and thread my needle...

I label every bag, hang them in alphabetical order, and then stick the original tag inside with the floss.

And...Drum Roll Please...

It all came from my very own stash, so that I stayed within my Stitch From Stash commitment...though I need to point out that most of it had already been kitted up before I pulled it out of my craft closet, since I tend to buy everything at once for a WIP and keep it together until I'm ready, but the rest was pulled from my stash bins.

Well, then, I believe that's all I have to share, and I thank you for stopping by for a visit.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

WIPocalypse Progress...

Good Thursday morning, dear friend!

I have made some progress on "Quaker Village," using the 10 hour Focus Rotation....

January 1st...

I've clocked 6 hours of stitching, with 4 hours left on the first Rotation, until I move on to my Focus WIP...

January 4th...

I'm almost caught up with the SAL ladies, though it doesn't look like I've accomplished much, thanks to a brief visit from the "frog" himself...or rather, "he who shall not be mentioned."

Thanks for visiting!
Check back soon for another update...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Funny Thing...

Good Tuesday morning, dear friend!

I made a start on my 2017 WIPocalypse list and the first round of my rotation...

I also discovered something "funny/not funny," and that is how many hours it takes to make very little progress...

Before My 2 hours of stitching...

After My 2 Hours of Stitching...

It's two stitches forward and one stitch frogged, am I right?!

But, progress is made one cross at a time, so onward we stitch!

I did make one alteration to my Rotation Schedule, to accommodate keeping up with the Smalls SAL. I decided that I am going to make my Monthly Dough Bowl Smalls a Focus WIP, until they are all completed.

So, with that in mind I am trading the current 10-Hour Tapered Rotation for the 10-Hour Rotation with Focus, which is just more of the same with a little bit of monkeying in the Dough Bowl Smalls as my focus piece. Therefor, I've traded #1 on my WIP list Jardin Prive "Quaker Village" for #4 Monthly Dough Bowl Smalls:"May." It's still a 10 Hour WIP Rotation, but without the tapered WIPs part. Once I have finished the Dough Bowl Smalls, I plan on returning to the 10-Hour Tapered Rotation...are you totally confused?

I still may need to tweak it a couple of more times before I achieve the perfect schedule to see me to completion and success this year...wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a wee progress peek at "Quaker Village."


Sunday, January 1, 2017

My First WIPocalypse Post

Good Sunday afternoon, dear friend!

I hope that the first day of the New Year was just perfect for setting the tone of your year ahead...

Today is the first check in for the 2017 WIPocalypse, and I'm very excited to be jumping in...with both feet, I might add!

I will begin with the Question of the Month – Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

For those who are new to my blog, "Hello!" and "Welcome!" My name is Karyn and I have been stitching for 47 years...gosh that sounds old! I enjoy all forms of needlework, but spend my time on Cross Stitch and Needlepoint, though Cross Stitch is my favorite. I have also decided to finally join my Mom and Sister and begin quilting...but again, my main passion is Cross Stitch.

My WIPocalypse Projects List for 2017 is as no particular order:
  • AAN "Spring Moon"
  • Becky Boo's "Welcome"
  • Bothy Threads "Love Heart"
  • Bothy Threads "Love Tree"
  • Dough Bowl Smalls: January, May, June, August
  • Jardin Prive "Quaker Village"
  • Just Nan "Ornamental Advent"
  • La D Da "Bless Our Home"
  • Laura J. Perin "Grandmother's Garden"
  • Lizzie Kate "Prayer of Saint Francis"
  • Shepherd's Bush "Jillian's Stocking"
  • Shepherd's Bush "Reed's Stocking"
  • Stickideen von der Weißenburg "Flower Quaker
I have chosen a total of 13 WIPs for my WIPocalypse, which feels very doable...finger's crossed.
I am going to actively stitch on 5 WIPs at a time, using the 10 Hour Focus Rotation, just one of many that can be found on Liz's Blog on StitchyBox.

I also have an "On Deck" (Yes, I did just use a baseball term for my stitching) list of Kitted-Up and ready to stitch Starts...I will chose which one to start next based on a Screaming Rotation.

My Current 5 WIPS are:
  1. Focus WIP: Dough Bowl Smalls "May"
  2. Jardin Prive "Quaker Village"
  3. Shepherd's Bush "Reed's Stocking
  4. Becky Boo's "Welcome"
  5. Bothy Threads "Love Tree"
I am starting the day with Jardin Prive "Quaker Village" since it's a SAL and I don't want to fall behind, and will continue until my 10 hours are up. I am going to follow the numbered order and work my way through, but will continue using my dough bowl smalls as my focus WIP so that I can keep up with the Smalls SAL check in dates.

My goals for the Year are to finish more than one WIP, which is all that I accomplished in 2016, and to stay organized so that I don't double buy without knowing what is actually in my stash. To this end, I have kitted up all WIPs that are not in my current WIP list, with both fabric and floss, and they are ready to be pulled out and put on Q-Snaps when their turn comes up. 

I am looking forward to meeting those of you that I don't know, and stitching with those who I do know...and having fun with this great group of stitchers...Good luck to everyone!

A very big "Thank You" goes out to Melissa for hosting this awesome SAL, once again.

That's it for today!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a bit of a chat about WIPs.