Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stitch From Stash September 2015

Good Saturday morning, dear friend

Let me start this by saying, "It's Hot!" I am in no way complaining, however that being said, the temps have been hanging in the 100s for the past few weeks, and we even welcomed the first day of Fall with a hearty 102 at high noon...ouch!

I might have a twinge of melancholy for those New England years spent heralding in fall and football with that tickle of change in the leaves and scent of something that was both spicy and sweet in the air...but you just can't beat a fall football season that includes both flip flops and I right?!

Anyhoo...on to the real reason for this's that time again, time for my September SFS report, and all in all I didn't do too bad!

Month: September

Carryover: $18.04
September Budget: $25
Beginning Balance: $43.04

Credit: +$8.55
From Shamrock Threads (AAN 2016 Halloween SAL) lost it's way from Italy and never arrived, after a month I asked for a refund to my Paypal

Amended Beginning Balance: $51.59

Dixie Sampler's Haunted Harvest Exchange gifts: $18
JCS Digital "Halloween 2015" $9.99
Threadworx "Grapes" 20 yard $4.10
Carrie's Threads "Epiphany" $1

Total Spent: $33.09

Monthly Subscriptions:
2015 JCS Digital Magazine Subscription: Exempt
Stitching Bits & Bobs September "Monthly Bits" Floss: Exempt
Silver Needle Auto Ship Pine Mountain September"Monthly Snapshots": Exempt

Shepherd's Bush "Sadie's Stocking" 124x180 = $14
2014 Prairie Schooler Santa 75x57 = $6
Shepherd's Bush Halloween Trifles "Halloween" 78x25, "EEK" 32x32, "Boo" 39x40 ($4+$2+$2) $8
Total Earned: $28

Carryover to October: $46.50

As always, please let me know if I need to change anything :-)

I think I did pretty darn good, as I seem to be running along at a steady far!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and for bearing with me, (notice the spelling back there cuz thanking you for "baring" with me would just be naughty...and this ain't that kind of blog) as I figure out the monthly kitty...wink, wink! I'm off to watch the Notre Dame game and pull some stitches...

Hugs Ya'll

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Words Of Wisdom...

From the experts...

Good Wednesday morning!

I wanted to share some wonderful advice from our very wise and dear Facebook friends over at Needlework Designers. If you are not familiar with them, they are members of the International Needlework Designers Association who have created a wonderful community page to support needlework designers and educate the public about copyright issues.

They have put together a short summary to try to assist people in what to avoid on forums or web sites, as they have received comments recently from people using Chinese sites saying they didn't know the charts were illegal copies...

In their own words...

"It is a non-exhaustive pointer guide. The countries specified are examples as obviously not all sites from these countries are violating copyrights but unfortunately the worst sites are found on their servers & take down requests are often totally ignored. Mainly it is common sense but sometimes it can be hard to tell which is why we recommend anyone in doubt to ask either a designer, a specialized forum, or the Association. This is a basis for educating and debate on the subject, as most of our posts are."

Taken, with permission, directly from Needlework Designer Facebook Page
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Hugs Ya'll

Saturday, August 29, 2015

So, This Is Gross!


I have good news and I have bad news...

The good news, is that I never have to worry about Miss Manners, herself, ever requesting to visit my house, most especially one particular there's that...

The bad news is that I have found moths in said closet...ick! ack! gross! WTHeck!

Now, I know just what ya'll are thinking and it's something along the lines of "It's that wool coat hanging in your closet," Am I right? Well, darlings that would be wrong because I got rid of all woolen items when we moved from the frozen tundra to sunny CA...almost three years ago! So, now you're scratching your head thinking "WTHeck?, this is a mystery"

I suppose I should really have started this post by telling you where I found the moth and holes...they were in my "Bee's Knee's" WIP...and I swear that moth looked at me and laughed as it delighted in it's meal...of my Gloriana Silk Floss!

After an unanswered plea for someone, anyone to help me figure out what was going on and why they were drawn to my Silk Floss, and maybe just a hug...I turned to my ever present hero..."The Googles," and learned that moths are also fond of silk...Oh snap!

So, what did we learn here kiddies? Those lovely WIPs, UFO's and stash waaay in the back of your closet can draw moths...Oh you bet they can! I wish I had known this before hand, which is why I'm passing this gross and embarrassing story on to you, dear friend...

I followed the instructions of "The Googles" and my monthly pest control fellow (whom I have on speed dial) and began by removing anything that was on the ground, washing any clothes that were hung away after wearing,  and vacuuming out the entire walk in closet and tossing out the bag after. I then tossed the UFOs (this is the part where I cry) and searched for any other Silk items that were in my stash, and thankfully there were none. I laid the three Gloriana flosses that I hadn't used out in the fresh air for a couple of hours and then sealed them in Ziploc bags...Monday said spray fellow will come to assess the situation...

Oh, and one more know that Pashmina Scarf that you adore? They like to eat those too, and they don't care what color it is or how much you love it!

Don't say I didn't warn ya! For more information, visit here...

I do have to share that, tho, I may have cried when I tossed the 3 UFOs and 2 WIPs with holes...on the bright side, I no longer have any UFOs to speak of! Please don't comment and tell me ways that I could have salvaged those UFOs, as I am a huge baby about germs and bugs of any kind, so that would not be something that I could live with and stay sane...but thank you anyway...kisses!

Just keeping it real...

Thanks for stopping...

Hugs Ya'll

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stitch From Stash August 2015

Month: August

Carryover: $14
August Budget: $25
Beginning Balance: $39

Prairie Schooler 2015 charts bundle: $39
Anchor Floss (Mystery Summer SAL) $4.41
Shamrock Thread (AAN 2016 Halloween SAL) $8.55
Total: $51.96

Monthly Subscriptions:
2015 JCS Digital Magazine Subscription: Exempt
Stitching Bits & Bobs July "Monthly Bits" Floss: Exempt
Silver Needle Auto Ship Pine Mountain July"Monthly Snapshots": Exempt

2015 Prairie Schooler Santa (75x57)
Earned: $6

Over Budget: $6.96

Carryover to September: $18.04

I hope that I did this right, please let me know if I didn't.

Well, I have to say that seeing it there in black and white is kind of disheartening, however knowing that I must report every penny spent during the month keeps it real for me, and therefor I can say with all honesty that if I weren't part of the SFS family I would have spent much more this month, especially with all of the adorable and tempting Fall and Christmas treats...Oh Boy!

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you my finish, though it's not yet finished in it's Sunday Best...

2015 Santa is first in my plan to stitch all 32, working backwards...The big guy was stitched on 28 ct Tea Dyed Monaco using the charted DMC floss...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...

Hugs Ya'll

Good Bye

Good Bye
It's Been Bliss!