Wednesday, January 17, 2018

First TUSAL Of 2018

Good Wednesday morning, dear friend!

For all of you in the snow driven yonder, I hope that this post finds you warm, safe and cozy.

Today is the full moon, and thus it is time to for the first TUSAL post of the year, and though I have had a few visits from "Senior Frog," I'm happy to report that they were easily remedied and not anything worth spilling any tears over...

January TUSAL 2018

See those Wee Jar ORTs and fuzzes? They all came from LHN "Beatitudes," as that has been my focus of stitching since January 1st, and I still can't put it down! I am enjoying this WIP so much that I have decided to focus on this and nothing else, at least until I hear another project screaming at me.

Once I publish my post, the above ORTs will be added to the Big Jar where I will keep my year's total until December 31st, when I will put them outside for the birds, just like my Mom used to to do when we were children, so that they can make pretty nests in the spring...and they do!

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by for a Totally Useless SAL.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

My First WIPocalypse Post Of 2018

Good Sunday morning, dear friend!

The first week of 2018 is almost over, and so it's time to let you in on my WIPocalypse plans for the remainder of the year.

Let's start by answering this month's question...Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

For those of you who are new to my blog, "Hello!" and "Welcome!" My name is Karyn and I have been stitching for almost 50 years...gosh that sounds old! I enjoy all forms of needlework, but spend my time on Cross Stitch and Needlepoint, though Cross Stitch is my favorite. I also enjoy quilting with my Mom and Sister, though they are both much more advanced than I am...but again, my main passion is Cross Stitch.

My WIPocalypse Projects List for 2018 is as follows:
  • Bothy Threads "Love Tree" (on my Q-snaps)
  • AAN "Cottage" (on my Q-snaps)
  • LHN "Beatitudes" SAL (on my Q-snaps)
  • Laura J. Perin "Grandmother's Garden" (kitted up)
  • Heart In Hand "Moon And Back" (kitted up)
  • Just Nan "Ornamental Advent" (kitted up)
  • Shepherd's Bush "Jillian's Stocking" (kitted up)
  • Shepherd's Bush "Reed's Stocking" (kitted up)
  • Heartstring Samplery "Apostle's Creed" (kitted up)
  • Shepherd's Bush Stocking (still to be chosen)
  • LHN "Farmhouse Series" SAL (monthly subscription)
I'm beginning 2018 with a WIPocalypse list of 11, which includes my 2 carry over WIPs, 2 SAL commitments (LHN "Beatitudes" I started this past week), as well as an additional 7 that I have added. Knowing myself, I am certain that there will be some adjustments made along the way to this list, but, as it stands now this is my 2018 plan.

Here are some snaps of my current WIPs and their progress as we start the new year...

Bothy Threads "Love Tree"

AAN "Cottage"

LHN "Beatitudes"

I haven't chosen whether to work in a rotation or to just wing it, as last year's attempt at a rotation that would allow for personal WIP stitch time, while also maintaining my SAL stitching pace was not something I could ever make happen, so I gave up the rotation idea quite early in the year. If anyone has a rotation that works for both...please let me know.

I have bid farewell to my UFOs. After much thought and consideration, I came to the conclusion that since I hadn't picked either of them up (not once) in 2017, nor did I have any interest in doing so, it was a "no-brainer" to just bid them adieu, and move on. Rest assured that neither of them were very far along, and I kept the charts and unused floss to ensure that if I ever find a sudden urge to begin either one of them again, I have the needfuls to do so. My goal, going forward, is to really think before starting a WIP and ask myself if it's going to be something that I enjoy, and therefor, can see it to a finish. Often, I ignore obvious signs that it is going to be a fail once I get started. I have always said that there are some charts that just don't want to be stitched, and I truly believe that. I am finally learning to look away when there is a run on a chart that I know I am not drawn to, just because everyone else is stitching it. I have a whole basket of charts that were purchased against my better look for some major giveaways this year on the old Blog, dear friend, as I widdle away at some charts that I will never stitch.

My next commitment is to organizing my stitching nook...I will be hard at work on that. Luckily, it really shouldn't take long as it's not that big an area, however I added to the mischief and mayhem that was already there while choosing and kitting up my WIPocalypse choices, so the mess has grown quite a bit. It's actually kind of funny when you think about it, because how lucky am I to have both an abundance of stash and an area (mind you small) to call my own that requires organization...yes, I am thankful.

I am looking forward to meeting those of you that I don't know, and stitching with those who I do know...and having fun with this great group of stitchers...Good luck to everyone!

A very big "Thank You" goes out to Melissa for hosting this awesome SAL, once again.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a bit of a chat about WIPs.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

Hello, dear friend!

Last night was my first "Friday Night With Friends," and I am happy to report that I got a lot of stitching done on "Beatitudes."

Yesterday, I spent the day putting away the Christmas decorations and taking down the Christmas Tree, which always seems to take longer than I planned, but I was determined to get it all done before the sun set and I settled in for a night of stitching. Why is it that putting up the tree and decorating the house for the holidays is so much more fun than taking it all down?

In the end, I got it all packed away, including wrapping each and every ornament in bubble wrap before I settled them into the ornament keeper, and put the tree into it's huge protective cover....

And then, when it was all packed away I gathered the ornaments that needed some repair and gave them a little TLC and a lot of "Gorilla Glue" and set them on their way to bubble wrap and snuggling with their friends inside the ornament keeper...

That was a big job!

And then it was time...

I decide that I would focus on "Beatitudes," since it's a SAL and I don't want to fall behind. I started the evening with this much progress...

As I was deciding where I wanted to stitch next, I realized that I was one stitch off where the branches meet the I was forced to spend some time visiting with the dreaded frog...

Luckily I realized my counting mistake early in, and was only off by one, because I was able to get back on track and stitch without any further bother...and ended the night with this much progress...

I'm pretty pleased.

If you haven't heard about "Friday Night With Friends," click on the link and check it out! It takes place on the first Friday of the month and hosted by Cheryll over at "Gone Stitchin'" Blog.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and sharing in my Friday Night With Friends!


Thursday, January 4, 2018

First Start of 2018

Good Thursday morning, dear friend! I am hoping that this morning is finding you warm and safe.

I have a wee bit of a new start to share with you...

LHN "Beatitudes"

I am stitching this on 32 ct Linen "Lambswool," using the charted Classic Colorworks and DMC floss.

I can tell that this is going to be a fun stitch, and one that I look forward to picking up and working on, each evening. Now, let's just hope that I can keep up with the SAL!

Don't know about the "Beatitudes" Facebook SAL? Click on the link and check it out, and then join in on the fun!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!